1. This isn't the only awesome polaris fan-art I have seen that tribe just has so much potential.

  2. You also could’ve said “rounding margin”

  3. It is because he is very kind and decided to pass through all these cities to give them fresh water.

  4. Because Pakistan stands with Azerbaijan on the noghorno-Karabakh dispute

  5. But even Azerbaijan itself recognises Armenia.

  6. I like how Jerusalem's moto is "One God one nation" but they a actually have three separate religions.

  7. I'm not even mad, I'm just impressed the driver managed to get get it in that position

  8. If I'm not mistaken, Elhan Muskoğlu is a very proud Turkish brother of ours.

  9. I see you are confused. His name is actually Ελόνιος Μουσκάς a proud greek citizen.

  10. What exactly is the deep message they are talking about?

  11. There needs to be a subreddit for arguing for the balkans and people would watch it

  12. He most certainly is. He is using an axe to mine dirt.

  13. Based on the fact that Portugal got nuked, I’m going with 2034.

  14. To be honest about the globe one I hope if they do implement it they still have an option to use a normal map because I can see it getting annoying. They can still add Antarctica.

  15. Κάτι μου θυμίζει αυτό το σχέδιο.

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