1. Stupid question, but what determines a pokemons level? I've seen people refer to them before but don't see it anywhere in the game.

  2. Arc behind the Pokemon indicates the level and increases as you power up the Pokemon.To exactly know the level you would have to use pokegenie or Calcy IV and appraise.

  3. I don't know what you're referring to as I said I don't play anymore, I may have been a bit strong with my wording due to cheating and spoofing being such a pivotal factor into why I stopped playing a game that j absolutely loved. Hey along as its not giving yourself an unfair advantage over others, you do you. I just saw 'cheat code' and was like bro cmon

  4. Rayquaza is still don't want to play?

  5. Any shadow Mewtwo is good enough for Elite TM.go for Psystrike.

  6. I'm still kinda new with this game, I'm still confused why ppl mostly refused to purify Pokémon?

  7. Shadow Pokemon get 20% attack bonus which beats the damage stats of the regular hundo.

  8. Oh cool! Good trading material then?

  9. Sure or you can keep it as a kind of trophy if you feel like.

  10. The Heatran might come back though right ? I know someone who has a shiny too

  11. It will but nobody knows when.Both Heatran and Rayquaza haven't been in raids for a long time.

  12. I don't see these boxes but yes definitely don't want to see them either 😂

  13. Sorry, so if I'm walking through my neighborhood, it's better to go in a straight line than around the block? Or are you saying it's just distance covered so the faster you go, the more ground you cover and distance counts either way?

  14. Going in a straight line is the ideal way to get more spawns and if you walk as fast as you can or move in a vehicle below the speed limit recorded by pogo, you can get more spawns.Max spawns you can get from a daily incense is 30.

  15. Awesome 😎 Congratulations on reaching legend:)

  16. Same but on the upside you just need one ditto😅

  17. Purify for the hundo I would say... check how good pokemon are on

  18. No, shadow golurk is one of the best ground/ghost type attacker.It's better as a shadow.

  19. Thanks, I don’t have Mewtwo yet but I think I will wait for Registeel. Or should I go for Mewtwo?

  20. Get the Shadow Mewtwo asap. Shadow regi's are not great and it will be a while until we get through those. If you complete the pending research will get the new research on Feb 1st.

  21. You can't trade anyway if you are not close within 100 m.

  22. I found my first one yesterday during Larvitar CD.never went looking for it.Hopefully the same will happen for you too.

  23. Is swinub available still? I have probably gone through more than 50 ice grunts without a Swinub since the last rotation

  24. Hey day starting soon for me, what does the „take snapshots for a surprise“ gifts you?

  25. One Larvitar will spawn in the wild for each snapshot

  26. Okay, how do you encounter one of these? I’m pretty new, and have no idea…

  27. Use your daily adventure incense and go for a walk everyday.Someday you will get lucky to see these birds.Catching is a different story.

  28. For being a 3 star,it needs to have a minimum of 36 points combining IV's for attack/defense/stamina.missed by 2 points as it adds up to 34.

  29. can get them a week after the las vegas tour once it is available globally.

  30. we can still get shinies and get invited though right?

  31. Yes but you would still need to raid again during the global tour to get enough energy so probably better to wait.

  32. This is a primal raid. Specifically introduced for HOENN TOUR. The ONLY PRIMALS ARE THESE. THESE ARE NEW FOR THIS SPECIFICALLY.

  33. Try to tell me something I didn't know instead of saying everything I know and calling me stupid.Primals do function exactly like Mega.

  34. 'Brand New' because they found a way to restrict access to Primal reversion/energy/featured move during Las Vegas tour for Global players which was never done for Mega raids.

  35. If you raid them during the weekend of the Vegas event, but don't have the Vegas ticket, you won't get the Primal Energy or exclusive moves from those raids.

  36. Which is really ridiculous if you ask me.

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