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  1. I think Kings Dominion is better than Busch garden....

  2. How is the victim 50 if the abuse happened in 1980 in the earliest?

  3. That seems like a mean thing to do to someone. What gut is surviving 30 days of Taco Bell?

  4. Me. I survived, working there for 8 years. Free meal er'ry day.

  5. My mom is doing this rapidly now. She's generally been racially ambiguous, but she's now 56. Stopped dying her hair, it's long and in a top knot. It's just a matter of time that she starts wearing mumus. :)

  6. Literally bought stuff to make it tomorrow. I add 2x spinach and Italian sausage instead! Yayyyyyyyyy

  7. Tokyo. Bogota. Costa Rica. In US? Countless. Solo is amazing. Go every where.

  8. The real superpower is having kids that don't turn out like assholes. Only time will tell if you're a hero or villain.

  9. My response to "you never know, accidents happen!" is "So do abortions."

  10. I said this to my mother in law. She doesn't talk to me anymore. :)

  11. I specifically ask to sit in the bar at restaurants so I don't have to sit by kids or if I see a large group, I tell the hostess "not near them please."

  12. Graver Digger monster truck and Porn n Biscuits!

  13. Poverty. I couldn't afford cigarettes or food. So I weened myself off.

  14. Cafe Stella. Colonial Ave, Norfolk. Next to Cogan's.

  15. I had mine at a winery. No kids allowed, oops.

  16. My friend has a husky and lives here Coastal 61 Apartments (757) 937-6106

  17. And then you do poop and it's horrible, worse than any other poop any other time of the month. Worse than a spicy curry poop on a hot summers day.

  18. 87 clever ways to tell a country white dude to smoke with caution. Cool.

  19. I have one too! He's a bratwurst with his own IG.

  20. No. No, man. Shit, no, man. I believe you'd get your ass kicked sayin' something like that, man. -Lawrence, Office Space

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