1. The team went 4-6 and finished last in the conference in rushing offence, ( but first in passing.)

  2. The Italian is wrong, "perfectly cromulent" would be "perfettamente (word)". Also I think ingigantire is a verb in Italian so it's not quite the same invention.

  3. My fault transcribing, seems the word is 'urbania'.

  4. But subtitles often are not the same as dubbed. In spanish dub (spain) is not engrandence but ensánchese (which does exist but is rarely used and ever rarer in this context). And cromulent is adecuente which does not exist although is an obvious modification from adecuar or adecuado which just means "correct", "suitable" etc... (or, you know, cromulent).

  5. Interesting, so seems they changed it to sound more like a wrong version of an existing word, rather than a new creation entirely. Good to know on dub vs subtitles too!

  6. 'Life' is a fantastic movie and I hope you don't think it means actual living.

  7. Ahhhhhhh, I did...I got carried away with how he was writing. Thought it was like 'Education: School of Hard Knocks' type thing. Never heard of the Eddie Murphy movie.

  8. You better watch that masterpiece this week.

  9. 100%, this week in honour of 2003 Vick I'm making some spaghetti, listening to Scarface, and renting Life.

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