1. Eiim says:

    I must be blind. Where can I read the


  3. Two more "Harry is a dragon" stories: linkao3(


  5. Definitely more powerful, but also already banished. Also, I’ve never actually heard Morgoth called a dark lord. Also, he didn’t create the giant spiders. I don’t think it’s ever explained where Ungoliant came from, but she was an ally to Melkor, not his creation.

  6. Surprised no one recommended linkao3(

  7. if he plays as winger in league game, the only way to train him more is make him play as inner midfielder in the friendly game.

  8. I see, that's not what I expected. Then what happens if he plays 90' as W in one game and just 30' as IM in another? Does this end up as equivalent to 30' as IM and 60' as W?

  9. In case you don't know the reference:

  10. Are you sure the name is correct? It's not giving me anything on AO3 unfortunately, because from the name alone and Percy (whom I am also fond of) being involved, I already know it's gonna be a banger.


  12. Great write up. Significant improvements for identical results. You should be very proud of yourself!

  13. Prompt: Harry whips off his invisibility cloak in the Great Hall; Voldemort takes one look, goes pale and screams like a little girl.

  14. Post is as a separate prompt, maybe?

  15. The Ñaimlap legend comes from a 1586 version of Miguel Cabello de Valboa's Miscelánea Antártica.

  16. There is no global rom for this phone as of now. It may come only if it launches globally.

  17. Thanks! What do you think is sold under this name then? Do they use a ROM for a previous model?

  18. K40 was launched globally as Poco F3. So, I think when K50 launches globally it's name "could be" Poco F4. Not 100% sure since xiaomi don't really follow any particular order when it comes to rebranding. As of now, there is no K50 sold outside china.

  19. Link please? After reading Harry's a Dragon and That'd Okay, one doesn't simply not want to see a competent Percy. Well, more of a competent Percy.

  20. I am sure I remember more than one, but the one I could find quickly is

  21. And then Hermione finds an evil creature who's entirely in it for knowledge and books...

  22. It's a singing competition with a secondary goal of being as tacky as possible.

  23. HPMOR isn't quite this; Harry isn't Voldemort's son but (big spoiler from very close to the end)

  24. ArsTechnica article based on this:

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