1. I have no idea who this person is, but I’m totally here for the drama… 😂

  2. Proud of you for focusing on your own well being! I had no idea that she was so controversial honestly lmao, I just thought it was a really good example for Kibbe and I myself also thought her story was wonderful lol.

  3. First of all, you can hardly compare studies done on subjects in clinical settings to a laissez-faire approach taught via social media. There are nuances to IE (e.g. eating mindfully vs. overeating) that are often hardly intuitive for ED sufferers. Additionally, the study you linked looked at a reduction in ED symptomatology, which can be a quite narrow construct for people suffering from broad mental health issues, such as e.g. depression or anxiety (comorbidity is par the course for ED sufferers).

  4. Maybe a lot has changed with her content in the past year or two, when she first described her All-In journey she didn't market it as a program from what I recall, and for sure not an ED recovery program. I don't think anyone under the age of 18 should be dieting outside of true clinical issues. That being said, do you believe there's any fitness influencers that fit this standard? Influencer fitness is definitely a dirty field, but from when I remember Stephanie, she was for sure one of the better ones. Especially compared to like Blogilates or Freelee types.

  5. Honestly a lot of it is body checking... Especially if you look and see a lot of their unhealthy subreddit history

  6. Okay well this was posted on circlejerk so do they get banned?

  7. I would suggest you to censor the username instead. And no I didn't ban you or the other user. I think brigading anywhere isn't the best idea.

  8. I would look into the classic family, I don't see vertical, the long monochrome look doesn't look harmonious, I see mostly balance, and your curve is primarily lower curve, which is not kibbe curve.

  9. I have a similar “apple”/“inverted triangle” build or short torso, broad shoulders, long legs, subtle waist definition. What’s the consensus on her Kibbe type? I’m new to all this and it’s so confusing. She’s got a lot of “Yang”?

  10. She's verified as "some kind of natural" by Kibbe!

  11. That's gorgeous! Very Rose from Titanic vibes and fits you so well!

  12. Um excuse me those thighs sound MUSCULAR. That's a curvy FN my friend. Everyone knows Soft Dramatics are... f l e s h.

  13. Conventionally beautiful bodies? Say you're built like a Pringle can and move on girly lmao

  14. It should be easier on the back, yeah. Lacking dorsiflexion can lead to compensatory lumbar flexion (aka butt wink when your hips run out of flexion range). Is there a difference in depth? Cause maybe you can go deeper on heel elevated and therefore more likely to butt wink

  15. I think I probably force the same depth unconsciously, but the lack of dorsiflexion makes sense, my calves are always way tighter than they should be. I used to be able to walk on my heels with my feet dorsiflexed and can't at all anymore. Guess just stretching and rolling it out is probably my best bet?

  16. Tight calves seem almost universal it seems hah. Idk like anyone with sufficient DF range. I have anterior impingement in my right ankle from innumerable sprains but no one ever hits it before gastroc and even soleus (student PT). My DF range seems to be getting worse too ironically enough not playing sports anymore which would be more calf-heavy. Never trained them just happen to be genetically blessed (see username hah). Rock a 3/4th in addidas PL shoe myself (don’t need the Oly shoe range).

  17. Feel ya there, I've trained calves maybe 10 times in the last 6 years and can't fit into any boots lmao. Too many sprints and stuff growing up lol.

  18. Traffic is horrible and it will soon become your primary motivator over your course success

  19. If I remember correctly he was my TA a few years ago and was super sweet.

  20. You're absolutely gorgeous and deserve every compliment you get :)))

  21. Right, i guess some sort of ”underweight, low healthy weight, medium healthy weight, high healthy weight, slightly overweight” etc can help without triggering through numbers?

  22. Yeah, even those are kinda charged in my opinion... People can tell when they look that the weights are different, so other than seeing where weight goes and looking at lines it really doesn't matter if they were under or over-weight.

  23. Have you considered FG? I'm 90% I commented before but I can't remember what I said 🥲

  24. i ve shared my pics in that group too. They re very welcoming. What happened to you? What did they say?

  25. There's many things wrong with the group, misinfo, type-shaming, racist at times, etc.

  26. I don’t think me being more intelligent than the both of you is the reason I should stop 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️. And if you want me to stop, then make me!!!

  27. maybe it's all the incel that's making them not like you 😩

  28. I don’t know what kind of worthless rubbish you’re saying. Silly people and their silly words that have little to no substance. And I’m not interested in women. They stink and wear too much makeup.

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