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  1. So i cant? I dont want to take them to my ps4 i just want to play with them on pc

  2. I was thinking of the dumb thing where you have to buy ge on your ps4 even if your playing on pc so i assumed the is thinking im playing on ps4 while im actually playing on pc

  3. At the same br just the bmp leopard and most mbts need to be moved so they dont fight ww2 tech that often

  4. At the same br just the bmp leopard and most mbts need to be moved so they dont fight ww2 tech that often

  5. But you see it has 0.1 more sl multiplier so it will gain more money then the other tank

  6. I think if he's already in the gunner position, and you're manipulating the guns (moving the turret, etc), it takes priority over driving the tank..? Not positive.

  7. 1 year ago before i went on a brake from the game the one on the 75 would move regardlees of if i was using his gun it would just take me to the 37 and he would move to driver

  8. Idk about this tank but it has 2 main cannons right? Seeing you only have 2 crewmates alive means one is driving and one is shooting/reloading. The gunner is on the bottom cannon so the top one cant move. Thats what i think atleast not sure tho

  9. Nah in thepast the one on the 75 would move to driver but he just doesnt now

  10. i died bcs i couldnt reverse over the small rock besides me

  11. And sorry for the shit quality my internet is from the stone age

  12. Might be worth checking for a Graphics Driver update, even if it did fix itself

  13. nah the ship didnt load properly after leaving a mission probably because of my internet i went to a relay and it was fixed

  14. The grass. It calls for you. Maybe it's not yet too late to stop :D

  15. Honestly I'll take any dogfight that won't be interfered by another person

  16. A good tombfinger build can kill a level 30 thumper pretty fast and now with the nataruk in game if your not a shit shot like me you can kill one pretty quicly but when poe i specificllay remember running away from them

  17. The simpler answer is that it is not matto, its an android sent by facebook to replace him

  18. Upvoted because although I don’t have the answer, I think it’s a valid question and I’m sure someone will be able to answer it properly soon. Personally I’m still stuck at Venus proxima like a pleb lol

  19. Id sugest just joining random squads by cliking the join any crew button or you can get yourself some crew members from fortuna from tinker go for syndicate crew members since there cheaper

  20. It’s 80 plat max on PC via Warframe market. That’s nowhere near for what I’d call economical in terms of grind vs. market value.

  21. 80 plat can be better spent then on a mod you could get 4 catalyst or reactors , 4 warframe slots , 12 weapon slosts 2 forma bundels or some cosmetics if your in fashion frame teritory

  22. Fun fact Ember used to be a male frame way back when

  23. Nah theres heat on the other 2 its just stupid its only on slam attack

  24. In part to keep new players from bull-rushing through the early Mastery Ranks in a couple days.

  25. I get that but doesnt it get removed or lowerd on higher mr because you need much more xp

  26. No? I'm pretty sure there's always a time limit. It's just that unless high MR players stall out on a MR test for a very long time, they probably won't be doing two tests in a row due to the amount of affinity involved.

  27. No im saying why dont de lower after it becomes a litlle more challenging to level up in mr cause i dont want to wait a day just because a grenier spotted me trought the wall on the stealth one

  28. Easy, go mining instead of spending all that time looking for them. You’ll be swimming in cores from the self defense alone. But as soon as you actually look for them they will all but disappear.

  29. I swear this always happens i look for half an hour for them but as soon as im about to catch arare fish 5 of them spawn

  30. Basically, kill 45 vomvalysts for cores (which you might do alongside other things like doing bounties at night, mining fishing etc. but also proactively to get it done in one or two nights) or less if you have loot frames/boosts or if you can atleast destroy one limb of Terry on your own, minus the ones you might've actually gathered already or gotten from other sentients, find 6 wisps that can be found anytime near the lake shores (and as a reward for bounties you might've actually done before or want to do for one of the other rewards), catch 6 fishes (at most, if they are all tiny) and gather some iradite and grokdrul you can get from containers all around the map (grokdrul in grineer camps and iradite in the wild). If this amount of grind is already too much for you, you should consider splitting it up and doing a bit of it over the whole week.

  31. Its not much ive expirenced much worse mainly the necramech and hexenon im just saying its annoying to have to do this much work just to do decent damage to an eidolon or any other sentient being

  32. Or the british 40 mm crusader aa os basicly the same vechile just for britain

  33. You can also go directly to your railjack from your orbiter but not in reverse and that pisses me off more than anything.

  34. You can actually go in reverse you need to use the archwing point you usually use in missions

  35. I haven’t been able to after a railjack mission completes tho is what I mean. I always have to go to the dry dock then leave dojo.

  36. The wiki said defection on phobos or saturn i did a 20 minute one and no manics spawned

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