1. Honestly this is one of my least favorite looks of hers of all time.

  2. Can I say a quick thing about pact? In the very very beginning when Blake is reading the manual, Ross senior says that if he were to get a familiar he should make sure it doesn’t take the form of a rat or a dog. I always assumed it was just a bit if meaningless flavor or just because rose was a cat person but much later in we learn it’s because Johannes’ implement controls dogs, rats, and children. Pretty funny that in the end Blake still chose one of the three unknownwingly.

  3. My favorite thing on rereads is understanding that the trigger visions are depicting the entities. The first time through they were so incomprehensible that it didn't even occur to me that they were a mystery to solve.

  4. Wait, she WON? Can someone who watched the season explain?

  5. I'm colorblind, so grass, trees, dirt roads, log cabins, autumn leaves, pumpkins, crops, horses, red barns, wooden barrels, all that old-timey Americana stuff can go. I will never buy a

  6. The appeal of Charles Wysocki is the colour- I can see if you are colourblind, that they wouldn’t have the same feel and interest

  7. I suppose it makes sense that the interest wouldn't be imagining 19th century small-town living, because that's boring as hell.

  8. It's a set of marble stairs, and there's a mirror stood up vertically on the stair in the center.

  9. Is the first pic the lovechild of Raven and Serena ChaCha or did i puff too much?

  10. I totally see it. Raven's lips and Serena's lashes.

  11. It's new, so I'm not totally certain, but I believe it zooms the game out so you can see better.

  12. I tried a lot of similar phrases (weight bias, stigma, fatphobia....) and only came up with maybe 3 related searches in the end? (One being Aubrey's book!)


  14. If I ever include fat people with people of color, queer people and disabled people as marginalized groups, I always get pushback like I'm saying antifatness is worse than racism. Then I point them to Belly of the Beast by Da'Shaun Harrison and give it up, because I assume they're not talking to me in good faith.

  15. It depends on the lighting. It might have looked fine on center stage.

  16. I really don't think you're contributing anything to the discussion here.

  17. I read in the discord that move speed and damage were each nerfed 20%.

  18. It was not the worse weapon last update once you could buy both Power 3 and Double Laser. It took over all of the Prestige Leaderboards.

  19. Same. I had wind instruments before starting piano, so I just picked it because I liked it and brute-forced it.

  20. Does it ever grow a second/third branch if it's planted on blank soil? I've been assuming it just wasn't fully grown, but if it only ever makes 1 resource when planted on nothing, that would explain why it was taking so long.

  21. Yeah, it only grows a second branch if it has a second resource in its roots. It's fully grown if it's producing anything at all, which takes 6 cycles. Its roots spread out as long as it has more soil to check, though. It can also get resources in its roots that you haven't revealed by digging close enough to them yet, so that might be some of your confusion.

  22. You can see how really top level players use it.

  23. Both did great but Danny absolutely killed it. She embodied the song emotion so well. I don't know why Cheddar had to remove parts of her gown. It was distracting and the complete version made more sense with the song vibes.

  24. Agree completely about Cheddar stripping. It wasn't really a reveal, she the headpiece coming off in particular showed an unpainted spot on the back of her head. She gave up opportunities to perform in order to take clothes off, which didn't really benefit her.


  26. Who uses cheddar for this? American as much better texture.

  27. I could be wrong but I think it's just random. The different worlds spawn different types of enemies in waves, but only in Relic Hunt mode.

  28. It's a switch. Follow the wire attached to it.

  29. All-Stars 1 is terrible, All-Stars 2 is great.

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