1. Your first mistake was spending an evening downtown.

  2. Seriously Seattle is such a shit hole just trying to save up money for land and a house somewhere

  3. That doesn't mean it's 'not worth the effort', lol. I play MK8 and Super Smash in Switch emulator mode on the Deck and it's great

  4. every switch game ive played immedaitely crashes so not sure what games work lol

  5. Outback wilderness is trash I don’t know why people like it so much just get the forester

  6. We should get OnPatrol live to come out here and give the citizens of this city and elsewhere how bad it’s gotten

  7. Wear a bullet proof jacket someone just got shot and killed at cal Anderson park ….again

  8. I do they lost my ballot told me not to come in due to COVID typical response by king county and the Jeff dunchin overlord. I went to vote in person it was a great experience

  9. I just don’t want any of these dumbo democrats making life worse but the gop is so right wing it sucks. We need more independent candidates working for the people. This is why I didn’t vote what’s the point

  10. Can we please have OnPatrol Live coverage for Seattle PD

  11. As states go Washington is pretty light for taxes. We don't have any income tax.

  12. I hear this bullshit and that’s not accurate it’s the small unknown crap things people keep voting in like car registration and LTC dumb shit tax. So the no income tax is inaccurate

  13. We're middle of the pack for overall tax burden, but we have one of the worst tax burdens for low income earners.

  14. The irony lol so we can’t be homeowners lol this state sucks

  15. If we got rid of the police in 2020 none of this would have happened.

  16. Can you please explain how getting rid of police caused this it only increased the crimes

  17. I go minimum 40-50 on roads not sure why people follow these dumb ass 25 signs

  18. We don't want to descend Into a lawless society of criminals, thieves and polluters

  19. I’m not sure the point of this post and everyone’s hatred towards Patterson PD. How about we add more locations on too of what we have

  20. Not true. Look at Anne Davison and Bruce Harrell. Takes a minute, but people do reach breaking point.

  21. True but the problem is not them its the judges (not appointed) and prosecutor of king county that is the problem. Also im pretty sure Bruce put his nominee for someone lax on crime at the county level. Seattle looks somewhat better but is still widly unsafe. I shouldnt pay $2000+ a month for this garbage and lack of police

  22. King country prosecutor election this November. Want change? Don’t vote for the person who has been second in command during this entire shit show of making this city a dump.

  23. This argument really pisses me off people are so dumb they will probably vote in the same garbage. I hate the vote people in who matter this city is full of so many anarchists we will never have someone who will ever prosecute crimes. Honestly just let the city catch on fire.

  24. That would be wonderful! The less traffic the better!

  25. sorry but due to backwards thinking on street and road planning good luck on it getting better. You can thank the wonderful SCC for making stupid plans like putting a band aid on a leaking water bucket instead of actually fixing the problem

  26. Totally with you on this one. The "fix" is just a bandaid, the cracks are still there they are just hoping the new post tensioning cables will keep it from getting worse. Right now they hope it works. Time will tell if it does. We have wasted a lot of time and money on this. A new replacement bridge or tunnel could have been well underway to being built and we wouldn't be in this position again in a few years when they need to replace it. The only way to fix it right would be replacement. That's going to be another shut down for a few years.

  27. It’s a disgrace they didn’t rebuild awful city council

  28. The speed limit signs are specifically designed to make it so people dont want cars. Im sorry this happend to you OP but will disagree to you 25 mph is a joke

  29. Personal health choice, taxes (no representation currently), also when we vote down an illegal tab tax and the court saids people are stupid and don’t understand what we voted for.

  30. Sounds like the court shot down the collective in that example. Not sure why you don't have personal health choice.

  31. Once again the city does not give af, honestly just dont rely on any city service becasue they arent coming and they city officals like it that way

  32. is it possible to get it repaired by a professional i could def see myself screwing up the repair. Does ifixit have a service like that?

  33. i feel like social and equity are buzzwords for politicans to use for re election

  34. The problem is COVID restrictions made by this backwards government created a situation where basically people feel even more alone. I don’t have much advice but try to find meetup groups and get out there like social bowling. I really hate king county and Seattle government for the shit they did we saved lives regarding COVID at the expense of people being lonely where is help for them

  35. Wow, good to see a wack job believing in aids. Regan would have fired you.

  36. tell us about his "scams"

  37. Using a pandemic to pump up his personal wealth but yeah keep drinking the kool aid

  38. Pretty much lock your doors after sunset and pray nothing happens because we defunded police

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