1. We mainly have items that aren’t found when it comes to McLane and 99% of the time they’re mispicks and items we aren’t authorized to sell so my SM just let’s us have them or we throw them away/donate them

  2. What a nice SM. I've seen my SM just chuck the perfectly good items in the trash; she doesn't even want to donate it,

  3. I am also leaving, already gave two weeks but think that throwing things and yelling and calling people dumb sacks of shit is less than acceptable

  4. Report it even if it feels hopeless. Better to leave a paper trail than leave nothing.

  5. Doesn’t it warn you (makes fast beeping sounds) for at least a few weeks before dying?

  6. It’s a couple days for my store. Everyone ignored it though so this happened to us with our stock room on truck day. ESM has to climb through ceiling to get in.

  7. If you’re only working part time, and still a minor, it’s probably an okay job to gain experience. I would go to the interview and feel it out. You won’t be in photo right away, at least in my store you have to be 18, and depending on store volume will determine how much you have to be cross trained in other tasks like to unload truck. Definitely ask what expectations the interviewer has for a cashier and what responsibilities you would have on the daily. Ask questions!!!

  8. For “challenging” infants, as in can’t even sit on their own or look at a camera, I only try for 10 minutes tops. I also make them wait if I have a line or other customers. Then I ask them to either come back later, or take the photo themselves. Usually they agree to just taking it themselves and I can go back to doing more important tasks. Why anyone wants to travel with a week old baby is beyond me, but it is what it is. Passports are supposed to be quick. I had a couple want me to take so many photos of their baby because they wanted it perfect, but seriously, we don’t have time for that.

  9. I mean, I can respect an attitude of "if my whole life story is gonna be out there no matter what I do, then fuck you I'm gonna be the one to tell it"

  10. Exactly this. They even said this in their documentary. They wanted “their story” coming directly from them. Whether it’s the truth is another story, but I can see why he’s doing the interviews. They were sick of how the media was portraying them.

  11. How do you do an IC3 without touching the computers?

  12. I think they meant looking up patient info versus using the register.

  13. Hi there! Sending you a message :)

  14. Hi! I’m sending you a message :)

  15. Makes me think it was a set up or something since they were there waiting. A SFL is allowed to sell alcohol without ID using their best judgment that the person is of age, so the CSA ratting you out wouldn't have went far unless the CSA somehow knew for a fact that the person wasn't of age, in which case they should have outright denied the sale.

  16. In the past we were allowed to use "our best judgment" with customers who were obviously of age but couldn't present ID. At my location at least, that's not the case anymore. It's immediate termination if we don't check ID everytime even if they're 100 years old.

  17. This is technically revenge porn and against the TOS of reddit and even if it's not against the sub rules (probably is) reddit will shut down the entire sub for this, they have done it to other subs for a lot less.

  18. Thank you for saying this 👍🏼

  19. I had no idea, thanks for letting me know! I removed it. I assumed since she consented to the story being posted, and exposing herself in all her glory, that it enters public domain at that point.

  20. You’re not wrong but we have to follow Reddit rules as well or we could get shut down.

  21. User was banned. No need to reply to fans.

  22. For real? You could die from doing that, not exaggerating.

  23. They're aggravating 75% of the time. Mine usually hangs at my hip. I also am hard of hearing, so I can't understand what anyone is saying a lot of the time unless it's quiet and then have to ask for a repeat page.

  24. My answer is it depends. If I recognize that I could have been nicer, or phrased something better, then yes I will back down. If you're outright rude and entitled, I hold out and stand my ground when it's possible. There are times when I just want the customer out the door.

  25. No because I did them last night with just me and a cashier. What I will be mad about though is that everybody thinks we have whatever random obscure item they forgot just because we’re the only place open on Christmas.

  26. Someone called looking for a manger for their nativity scene. She insisted we had one, along with plastic sheep. I told her we did not, and she said "the other Walgreens said you carry that, but they ran out so you probably ran out too; you cannot possibly know all your inventory."

  27. What's even more insulting is that even new hires received the same bonus if they were hired before the cut off date. I worked an entire year for that "$25" with far more responsibilities.

  28. Did you enter your terminal pickups before it froze? If you didn't, they can be entered in morning, but your sales for the day won't reflect & you'll be negative cash. Not a huge deal if the money truly is there, but your area manager will need to be notified.

  29. I literally thanked the 1 woman who ordered her Christmas cards the week of Thanksgiving. She laughed and said I know how it is; that's why I order early every year.

  30. I did the math for the calendars, I found that it takes between 35 to 40 minutes for 1 calendar given that time frame and a 14 hour day which is 840 minutes you can produce about 21 to 24 calendars in a day meaning large calendar orders of more than 6 or 7 should be printed starting at night to maximize time

  31. And don't forget to check the paper and ribbon before leaving for the night.

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