An estimated 65 million people worldwide have long COVID, with more than 200 symptoms identified with impacts on multiple organ systems, autonomic nervous system, and vascular and clotting abnormalities. Research is urgently needed to test treatments that address hypothesized biological mechanisms.

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  1. From the article: "In other words, The Hill explained, "Keeping global warming below 1.5°C—the goal set in the Paris agreement—is implausible for social reasons, not technical ones." Well he's not wrong. We could do it all if not for politicians, the rich, and corporations.

  2. Honey if they weren’t two separate things there would be no need for two separate words to describe it.

  3. nice diversion. But again wrong. because many words can define the same thing.

  4. She really thinks she’s doin something huh. A national embarrassment.

  5. The cheap money ran out and growth stocks now need a boost. The boost comes from layoffs

  6. Yeah this ain't true at all. I've seen rent prices jump double to triple in my small north Texas town and southern Oklahoma. A rent house that was $600-$750 3 years ago is now $2000.

  7. Yep, Georgia checking in with 2k rent. Once the pandemic hit and there was a shortage of rentals the prices skyrocketed in the red states too.

  8. Stricter gun laws work. States with stricter gun laws have less gun violence. One side just doesn’t want it. Why would we pretend like that’s not a viable solution. Seems like she’s already catering to one side by phrasing the question this way.

  9. Pretty alarming how open they are about their fear of education.

  10. My team discusses it, and that includes managers and one director. Do those discussions make it to the actual decision makers ever? I don’t know.

  11. A lot of people have trouble with the pills, me included. Now I take iron bisglycinate. It’s chelated so easier on your stomach. I also found a sublingual iron, I think the brand is called EZ melts. The sublingual ones bypass your digestive system. You have to also make sure you’re taking enough to get your levels up. I was taking 75 mg for a long time and I didn’t get anywhere until I hit 100 mg. There is also a Facebook group called the iron protocol that you may want to join.

  12. I had celiac disease as a child in the 80s. Even then no one knew about it and guess what? I was sick constantly. I looked back at pictures of myself and I looked like I had leukemia or something. I was pale and skinny and barely on the growth chart for kids my age. I couldn’t gain weight. I had constant stomach problems, and I was sick all the time. I didn’t even have any energy, I couldn’t play a sport, I couldn’t even run a mile in gym class. I didn’t realize till I was in my 20s that celiac disease was a thing. I tried the diet and wouldn’t you know it within a few weeks I looked like a brand new person. These idiots who post things like this have the critical thinking skills of a potato. My entire childhood could’ve been drastically different if we had known. I am still dealing with the health consequences now in my 30s and probably will for the rest of my life.

  13. The dog owners are absolute dicks for telling you about the cameras AFTER they had you spend the night there. If there was any question about this, you were not the biggest asshole here.

  14. I agree. I always tell pet sitters where the cameras are in my house if they’re staying overnight.

  15. That’s a wild assumption on her part. I’m so sorry that happened to you. My girlfriends only symptom of her anemia was also that she had chest pains. We also went to the ER where a doctor pushed on her chest, did an EKG, never did any blood work, diagnosed her with Costochondritis and sent her home. We paid for blood work out of pocket the next day and sure enough her blood numbers on the CBC were abnormal. Healthcare for women is a joke far too often.

  16. My state (SC) is trying hard to ban it. A judge struck down a 6-week ban just recently. This is the reason I'm taking advantage of the housing boom--Hubby and I sold the house and have purchased land in a state that believes I am a full human being in my own right.

  17. Yeah I’m having a hard time reconciling spending my money on real estate in my southern state when it doesn’t even give women rights over their own bodies.

  18. It’s too easy for these Republican politicians. They can blame anything on communism or China or illegals and their base will eat it up.

  19. I’m guessing you already take a B12 supplement, but have you had your iron checked? Plant based iron is not absorbed as well and a lot of Hashis folks are anemic or iron deficient. If your ferritin is below 30 you’re iron deficient even though the “normal range” on most blood test reports goes below that.

  20. Yes I do take a supplement, I’ve had my iron and ferritin checked and both were fine!

  21. Ok just wanted to tell you about the under 30 thing because mine always told me they were fine, but they weren’t. Has helped a lot with my fatigue since I’ve been supplementing.

  22. I had mono as a child and it screwed up my health. I’ve never been the same since.

  23. I was lucky enough to be recruited at the same time my office tried to make us come back in 1.5 years ago when the pandemic was still raging. I was so happy to give my notice. You’ll never guess what they offered me when I gave my notice…a raise and said I could stay remote…I happily left.

  24. Under 30 is considered iron deficiency. Optimal is around 100 and I think most people say their symptoms abate at around 50. I’d supplement if you’re not already.

  25. Hey! Did this end up working for you? We are currently having the same issue with our 2013.

  26. Yes. This is actually a somewhat common question in my anemia group too. Get your iron checked, specifically your ferritin. Mine has disappeared since I’ve been supplementing with iron.

  27. Interesting! Thanks for sharing. May I inquire what your ferritin levels were when this symptom started to improve?

  28. I got blood work done and it was a 15. I’m at like 25 and it’s already stopped that symptom. Optimal ferritin is 100 though so I have a ways to go still.

  29. Took me about 6 weeks but it’s different for everyone. How many mg do they have you taking?

  30. Great. A lot of people don’t take enough but that’s definitely enough.

  31. I’ve requested my medical reports for this exact reason and found cardiologists who I’d never met describing me as hysterical and recommending sertraline and psychotherapy. I think I actually saw red when I read that.

  32. If it makes you feel any better I was on Zoloft for 8 years and doctors STILL asked me if all of my symptoms were anxiety.

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