Almost a year ago, I posted on here about how animal crossing helped me reconnect with my estranged sister who was not allowed to talk to me due to her abusive husband. Today, I am driving to her apartment to help her pack up his things, and to bring her a gift.

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  1. Agreed, plus sometimes those diagnoses are wrong. Could you imagine killing your child in the womb to find out the ultrasound was wrong or in that time between the problem fixed itself. Better to deliver the baby and give both the baby the comfort and love they deserve and the parents the chance to see their child and find closure in its final moments. That chance for error is just not worth it

  2. What's the story behind this? From the blood flying out of his back it looks like the wings just burst out, and his face has some white scales. Is he turning into a dragon because he killed the other one, like a curse? Or he stole its heart (from the glow in his chest) to turn into one? Or he found it dead and maybe that was his mate and he's turning back into a dragon from his human form due to the grief? I don't see a sword but he is in armor, so maybe he didn't kill the dragon.

  3. Ikr? There's clearly a story here but hell if I can figure it out

  4. I'm gonna go with the dead mate or dead mount (like he was it's rider like in Eragon) and the grief (his face looks more like sad pain than angry pain) is turning him back, or something else is causing him to change for the first time, into a dragon. I noticed the way his hand looks like he had it on the dragon's jaw like he was mourning it and he's mid recoil. If he's the rider maybe the dragon passed its power into him in its last moments. Like in DragonHeart but instead of sharing a heart the dragon gave him the whole thing. If he was the mate the transformation back is a more visceral ordeal than I would have imagined but maybe in the artists world it is very physical instead of like a magic glamor or polymorph or something

  5. I remember this, I had commented on your original post sharing that I did the same thing with my younger sister still at home with our abusive narcissist mother. I'm so glad your sister is getting out!!!! One more year for mine until she is 18 and can leave. Here's to bigger and brighter futures!!!!

  6. Ah ha... if you don't like gore don't look too close. But dang this is amazing art!

  7. Actually, they claim to be an embryologist who works in pharmaceutical. Which make their claims all the more concerning 😬

  8. I would just not believe anyone claiming to be in the field they are telling lies about online. Even if she proved she had a degree in embryology all that proves is she divorced herself from reality through her entire program and once she had the degree acted like a student over summer break and flushed that info down the proverbial toilet so she can whip that paper out to shut down anyone calling her out on her lies. I know exactly how you feel seeing "professionals"/"certified people" having these opinions, somehow people like Bill Nye think menstruation is equivalent to miscarriage/masturbation is genocide, and some gynecologists and pediatricians would care for you baby/child after birth but support or even push you to abort, which should be a violation of their hypocratic oath to do no harm but they wave off in the self defense/womans decision excuse. There are idiots in all positions no matter how "educated".

  9. Bill Nye has one degree in mechanical engineering. He is not an expert in any medical field.

  10. Yeah I know but a lot of people think he is credible because of his show, and now he's a celebrity with big influence. If they watched him as a kid and looked up to him (I never liked his show it was like watching the equivalent of tourettes with the editing, like if people think cocomelon is damaging on little kids brains because of the fast editing then bill nye damaged brains way earlier) then I'd imagine they'd be less likely to want to doubt him.

  11. I heard another atheist say that since they believe that there is no 'after' when you die and you only have one chance at life, then the most cruel thing you could do is deny someone that chance.

  12. This is exactly what I say! In fact you may be referring to me as I've said that on this sub

  13. I'm not sure where I read it, it was a while ago and I almost feel like it was on Facebook but I could definitely be wrong! It was most likely you. And I've quoted you a couple other times, it really stuck with me even though I'm catholic. It is just so heavy you know? Like WHAT IF we really don't go anywhere after we die. Denying life really would be the most evil thing. It's just like, the best clear cut argument I've heard that doesn't have to do with biology semantics. Thank you for sharing it!

  14. In the Drifter's lore he said he "performed minor miracles" for a village while trying to lay low in the old days, so I'm guessing the Light can be used for things like that. Maybe not making a whole field of crops grow, but making it rain just over the village? Growing one tree/transplanting it safely? Probable considering we can throw fire and call down lightning etc

  15. I play destiny 2 so whenever I use it I usually die because I press R1 like a light attack and switch weapons on accident. Still about 8/10

  16. Ok I feel stupid I thought it was just some nonsense song Sam makes up to make BB happy

  17. Like the other person said, they call the roaches down here "palmetto bugs". Some people down here genuinely think they aren't considered roaches, but they are. I can't tell the difference between them and Smokey browns, they could be the same. But they FLY (clumsily). The adults are enormous, but seal up all your window cracks and make sure you have weather guards/sweep things on your outside doors and you should see them less. Young ones still get in, they can get in through your drains. For a while I went nuts with hypervigilance seeing the baby ones from across the room and they are literally the size of a small pepper seed. We asked around and apparently the norm down here is they just get in, there is nothing you can do besides get your house sprayed for them every few months. They don't infest thankfully, but all it takes is one gravid female to get in and boom you find the tiny baby ones dead by your sliding door if you've sprayed inside. The egg sacks contain up to like 30 or 40 if I recall correctly.

  18. Hey it sounds like you did good if you came back and there was only 1 you found! When the house is abandoned there is no food source besides maybe moisture if there is a leak so I would be hopeful that there are at least wayyyy less in there anymore. If your sticky traps were also empty that is a good sign, a few is still ok if it sat there for a few months. When you move in and are there 24/7 to see what runs around you'll be able to block off even more. When we moved in to our house and were working on it before moving everything in we literally had an earth worm in the middle of our bedroom floor and slugs still get in when it rains through the sliding door even though we have it stuffed up. We found weird dried booger looking things all the way across the room before we figured that out. We literally watched an adult roach squeeze under the upstairs sliding door too. Basically if you can shine a light through the crack they can probably get in.

  19. I'm pretty sure this is what happened with my base edition Charizard when I was younger. I didn't have a folder yet and my brother wanted it so I hid it somewhere unique and promptly forgot where I put it.

  20. “That would be like if I was making a cake, and I poured some batter in a pan, and I put it in the oven. And then five minutes later, you came by, and you grabbed the pan, and you threw it across the floor. And I’m like, ‘What the [expletive] you just ruined my birthday cake.’”

  21. Ooh what finisher is that first one the sound is really satisfying. Also is it just for hunters or will I be able to use it as a warlock too

  22. If you take a picture at a place you'd been that day and save it to your life log - you SHOULD get a seedling.

  23. Thank you and that explains why I've had two huge seedlings from the pond/lake across the street from my house then, it must be big enough to count as more new space

  24. I think they are slowly getting better with the cel shading but it's still not there yet. I switched to mainly ps5 though so it could still look as awful on switch. Otherwise I like the skin and it's neo Chicago hip hop graffiti vibes, it's really cool to see a design like that. But I don't like it enough to use it over what I already main

  25. Drifter voice: Forget headbutting a Kell, have you ever wondered what huggin an Eliksni would be like? With 4 arms... might be nice if not a little pokey from their exoskeletons... anyway Transmat firing!

  26. How do they not suffocate in there? I'm sure the material isn't "solid" but how do they get sufficient airflow when they shut the entrance like that... I guess they must come back and open it again often enough but still

  27. Catholics are required to have surgery to remove that part of the fallopian tube or wherever else the ectopic pregnancy implanted so that it is counted as double effect, saving the mother but in so doing unintentionally causing the baby to die. Because taking the drugs to cause the abortion is direct intent to abort aka breaking the thou shall not kill commandment. Medically it is an abortion.

  28. One of the popular skin color Twitter subreddits had a pinned mod comment telling everyone that anyone saying this wasn't an abortion is getting banned, any pro-lifers that comment will be banned, and pro-lifers love to say d+c is not abortion but they are (with a biased link) and that we're all disgusting for trying to prevent women from getting abortions when their situation is like this blah blah blah

  29. I sometimes have a hard time seeing enemies on the screen so I appreciate the little arc ball pointing them out. Thanks buddy!

  30. Hey there! Are you still recruiting? This sounds like exactly what im looking for! Im a parent of a 7 year old, and between life, activities and work I cant always play. Im looking for a mature, non toxic, easy going group where I can look forward to scheduled activities or a quick pick up session.

  31. Hey are you also possibly the person who reached out on the Destiny App who said they were a parent/child duo?

  32. Hey, thanks for the response! This is my first time reaching out. Also, my 7 year old doesn't play, just me. Do you have any plans to try and recruit more folks?

  33. Ok so I apologize I know I just said I would recruit but I realized I'd rather just disband and join a bigger clan. I do have a lead for you though so you don't get left hanging: there's a clan called Legal Guardian Gaming that is the same concept and they are much more established and have many more members, if you have discord here is the link:

  34. Warlock main very interested in hunter strand. Love the rope dart and I've been wanting to try hunter more before that anyway. Don't know if I'll ever actually switch because of all the story redo bs I'd have to play through again though

  35. This looks like one of those hole in the wall places that is either ridiculously terrible or somehow ridiculously good for no reason.

  36. A horchata place?!? Is it a chain or like where is it I love horchata and it is impossible to find

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