1. It was probably quite cold, wouldn't be a nice feeling

  2. I wouldn't recommend actual curriculum yet, instead to focus on learning about parenting, child development, early childhood education, pedagogy, and general education. Read a few books about it, take a few courses online, maybe attend actual college classes or workshops. Build on your relationship and household. Start getting involved in community for socialization, setting a good example is an important part of social education. Also, build up a library! Children's books, literature classics, encyclopedias, textbooks, manuals. Not just curriculum.

  3. Is there a summary of the Anderson family I can find somewhere? I don't know much about them at all

  4. Oh, you gave yourself the most regrettable ride, didn't you?

  5. It's a thing that's always fascinated me, the fundies' idea that God will provide, so all they need to do is have complete faith in them. So I guess that during recession fundies will be eating faith.

  6. The “patriotic room” with the confederate stuff is in the current house:

  7. Oh, it looks like they covered the old house into the school house. It has a playroom and Gil's office. Not the worst idea for leaving the old house right in front of the new one.

  8. Can't you move school time to when dad is home and can get in baby duty? Afternoons and/or weekends and days off? You dedicate the rest of the time to stuff you can do with your baby: errands, chores, reading, co-ops, outside time, socialization activities.

  9. i think her parents got divorced and she went to live with her dad and he fell into it

  10. Pretty sure his dad is one of those controlling POS who, of course, is attracted to cults that give him the power. So divorce isn't quite a surprise.

  11. Try to set a time, 30-40 minutes everyday, when you'll have undivided time dedicated to school activities. It's not fair for school to be "watch this show while I go tend your brother". And I get it, but try to do it by stablishing also a routine with the baby, make school the moment you know baby generally sleeps or isn't fussy and try to stick to it. For the rest of educational activities, like reading, time outside, nature walks, circle time, poetry time, you can bring baby and they'll benefit too.

  12. Yeah, I'm starting to find reading too hard too. Can you put the reading in audio? Like you can get some apps for reading text, Edge has the function integrated. And while listening I do something else: clean, cook, play, exercise. I generally have to write something on the text though, not answer worksheets.

  13. You can take a calculator and put the number on top of the fraction and divide it by the number in the bottom.

  14. Get some extra help with math! Find out if someone can help you, or find some tutoring. There's online YouTube videos to help you understand certain procedures and you can take a lower math course in khan academy or fishtank learning so you are just left without understanding if you keep on cheating.

  15. Todos llegamos crudos o malitos alguna vez al trabajo. Pero pocos tenemos que aguantar los gritos de 47 chamacos: "si están en silencio en su celular y nadie se pone de pie, clase libre mientras reviso actividades".

  16. You could be honest with your parents and ask them to enroll you back in public school. You can call the school yourself and ask insistently how to proceed with your enrollment.

  17. Find help. Talk to your parents, explain the system they're using isn't working and you need a change. You could ask to go back to public school too. If you were working through problems, cases, discussions, projects, and experiments, you wouldn't be able to cheat easily. It's the perfect time to change, start learning, and do good for college.

  18. If the second language is Spanish (I'm just guessing because Texas), there's Khan Academy and Seneca Learning in Spanish, or you could try PruebaT app. Bilingual education at schools, when they have the program, have some subjects in Spanish and some in English, besides taking English as a second language, so I would recommend doing that but at home.

  19. Yes, therapy was absolutely the first concern and we were able to get her a great therapist almost immediately!

  20. I see you're thinking about secular schooling but if she attended any religion before and wishes to keep it up, it's also a good way to get her a community.

  21. The best thing to learn at your level is to read a lot and write, you can check your writing with Grammarly. I really like the English courses in CK12 for that.

  22. Accelus/Power homeschool are very like ACE.

  23. graduating early would be nice but that’s not the goal in switching. what i’m doing now is just extremely difficult i asked public schoolers, private schoolers, other homeschoolers, adults and college students and none had seen my science ever. things like that. that no one else does and is so hard.

  24. Yes, ACE teaches as science a view based on a very niche religion. Would you like to keep that kind of science or are you switching to find a more universal scientific view?

  25. Check the requirements to homeschool from your state before you are marked as truant!

  26. Which country are you? If there's no language barrier, I think you should consider test out their equivalent of a highschool diploma. Or try to find out if you can take the GED online. It would be easier and probably faster.

  27. What if you checked all of the socializing opportunities your son could have if homeschooled and debate of they're enough for cultural and linguistic immersion. I honestly think it wouldn't be enough. I think it's best to reconsider skipping a grade and have extra activities at home to address motor abilities and socioemotional learning.

  28. I think you should call your local highschool or school district (you can Google it) and ask if you can enroll in highschool or if they have other options for you to finish school. If you can still go to highschool you'll have a place to study and to socialize, so you'll learn both at the same time! If not, then ask them to help you find some GED classes.

  29. You can also get a job while at school, but don't do it until you have everything at school controlled.

  30. You received a lot of suggestions, and I think you should listen to them all. Check if it's not a medical thing through bloodwork and maybe try using some nutritional supplements, vitamins, even taking some preventative medication. Check also if he's been sleeping enough, he might have started to have trouble sleeping.

  31. Sí es medianamente un problema pero hay errores graves en el meme. El más importante es que esto no afecta más a los que menos tienen. Por qué? Simplemente porque los que menos tienen no viven en lugares donde AirBnB sea atractivo. “Uy, mira! Una oportunidad para rentar un AirBnB en la Jardines de Morelos en Ecatepec!” dijo nadie, nunca jamás. De hecho afecta de clase media-alta para arriba. Gente que vive en lugares donde es atractivo, colonias que no son accesibles para quienes menos tienen.

  32. Lo que yo veo es que está ampliando las brechas sociales en vivienda y apoyando la gentrificación. Es decir, las rentas medias están desapareciendo porque los dueños prefieren rentarlas por airbnb, así que la única opción para las personas que buscan y podían vivir en lugares así ahora solo pueden vivir en lugares mucho más baratos que no son tan atractivos para ellos pero pues es para lo que alcanza.

  33. Yes, that should stop around 8. Right now it's totally normal, you could help with some rhymes and fun posters to remember which is which. Doing some exercises and worksheets where she has to find the correct letter, do error correction, or address confusion are great too.

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