Finally some honesty about Canada's housing crisis. MP Daniel Blaikie lays it out.

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  1. IMO - not worth a LOT of money but still of some value. I would give it a quick once over before plugging it in. Check to make sure no foreign objects are floating around that might short something out.

  2. I thought that was illegal now .. you should be able to purchase the car for the advertised price. What sort of add-ons were they looking to charge for?

  3. That last 10 or so homes sold in my neighborhood were not bought by corporations. They were "ma and pa" flippers who paid just enough over asking so they could renovate and flip 6 months later for an extra 3-500K.

  4. Sorry oldish reddit post .. but the latest Heidelberg flip... Jul 2020 sold for $855,000. Listed yesterday at 1.399,000. Two more coming next month - waiting to see their new prices.

  5. True but if people are offering 1200-1500 for parts it has to be worth more drivable, no?

  6. Lazy as in .. don't litter and leave it outside just to be ruined and thrown out. Take it to a drop off location. There is one by Farmers Market/Walmart and one more behind Conestoga Mall/McDonalds and many others in the city.

  7. hmu - hook me up ? I think thats what the cool peeps say irl.

  8. Warnings not to give money in advance to some fly-by nighters. We seem a few folks get burned by things they find on fb/kijiji etc. Take money and never come and do the work.

  9. Just throwing an idea out there .. what about those do it yourself car washes? Near Laurier or Near Conestoga Mall.

  10. Seriously? I am looking at an illustration of how two lane roundabouts work right now and I'm right. Right lane car should have exited and not even been there. Look up how two lane round abouts work.

  11. OP is correct .. atleast that is how they work here in Ontario. The left lane CAN exit .. the right lane dude should have exited prior or exited at the same time but NOT continue on to the 3rd exit.

  12. I believe WRPS encourages folks to enter this into their system and it will trigger increase enforcement.

  13. No 90 degree turns. The Jeep is doing more like a 70 degree turn. /s

  14. Biggest CC scam ever .. it will just take a minute to activate your card, while I have a moment let me tell you about ... its free .. for a month .. then ONLY 9.99 a month blah blah blah.

  15. What I didn't get was why he had so many signs in other ridings. Like 20 signs on the median on Davenport behind the Conestoga mall. Each with " legally placed" written in with black marker. Like by saying it makes it true.

  16. That was his riding. Kitchener-Conestogo (assuming the mall is in that pocket, it would be darn close).

  17. This has to be a new TikTok trend .. its like the 3rd (different) one I have seen on reddit lately.

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