1. For me, the Xmax is just rubbish 🤷🏻‍♂️ never hit the spot with it. But dyna sorts me out daily :) I’ve tried the wpa with the Xmax too, and it just sucks. Long long LOOOOONG pulls for very little pay off. I’m currently alternating between a ‘19m ss tip/fmj, and bb9, ti tip & mega globe. Fantastically diverse!

  2. My daab did fine without. Knocked my water chamber over into the sink and broke it though. Awaiting the two replacements I ordered, maybe they will throw in a seal?

  3. They’re sending the seals out to people that bought the original Daab. Just email and ask

  4. Hit or miss. Be sure to check the harvest dates on flower. Jars is known to sell old weed (one to two years’ old). I’ve been ripped off by them a number of times, although I didn’t catch it straightaway. I avoid them now, mainly going to King of Budz and Shango. Joyology has a good selection and regular deals on flower, too.

  5. Have also been sold old product and was even checking. They snuck some in my order. Still overall happy though

  6. I don’t know if 10 grams will fit in my fudger but I’m shooting for as much as I can cram. Look forward to the trip report if I can actually make it work.

  7. I’m surprised these comments haven’t received more love...good luck to you sir!!

  8. Keep your state out of it. It's indoor, doesn't matter if it's California or New Jersey.

  9. Nice, thanks for the information! I’ll look into getting one of those. Did you grab it online?

  10. I grabbed mine from VGoodiez. It was $10 and they’ve always got sales going on. It’s the “Glass waterpipe adapter for Dynavap 10mm stems”

  11. If you have a printer, I’m happy to share the file

  12. I don’t but have been thinking about getting one. If you don’t mint sending it that’d be awesome!!

  13. I actually have been preferring LIghtsky Farms lately compared to elements. Still use both but have been leaning more towards the LSF the last few months

  14. No its from frigidaire actually, just comes in red

  15. Thanks! Have been looking into similar ones for awhile now and was wondering if it was another I’ve seen. Will have to look it up.

  16. You know, it's not really a secret! (well...there are some proprietary techniques, but we're very transparent about what we do and how we do it) But I'll share my thoughts on it if you're interested:

  17. Your love shines through, all of your stuff that I’ve had the privilege of trying has been on point!!

  18. You can hook your mighty up using a WPA along with pretty much any other dry herb vape

  19. What is a WPA, sorry I am an old BOOMER...LOL

  20. Was hoping to see if they were open before I drove the 40mins to get there

  21. This is about going rate for their cured wax. Bloom has them for $55ish on BR 30% off days

  22. We aren’t quite sure on this one. We know for a fact it’s East Coast Sour Diesel X Purple Haze X ? We are thinking the question mark is either Wedding cake, Wedding Cake X Banana Butter Cup, or Sunset Sherbet X Banana Butter Cup

  23. They probably won’t. Wont even respond cause how many refunds they’ve done on these. I just stopped buying them and firelands tbh cause they both burned me and never responded in chat.

  24. Same here...haven’t bought a certified product since and refuse to until I get a response which I’m sure I won’t. Only Fireland’s I’ll still buy is the 2.5g rosin Kara since it’s legit cheaper than I can get it for on the BM

  25. You see the ancient roots ballet jars, I grab every time I see them lol

  26. Yeah but they’re never around down in Cincy and when they are they’re normally pretty high. Had the La Kush cake on sale yesterday for $136 (normally $180) but had to work so couldn’t get up there. Normally don’t even like spending that though. I try to spend $120 or less for the Firelands Jars. If I’m Going to spend $60 or more a g I’ll go with some Red Roc or Flower of Life

  27. They have the 1.68 chunky diesel priced at $55 at Columbia care Dayton. I’m out of days or I would be grabbing a few

  28. Wonder what the expiration date is on these. Tempted to grab a couple on Monday morning

  29. The wife swore by them until we started making our own edibles from our ABV. For the price they’re worth it

  30. I’d be putting pressure to as much as I could get my hands on

  31. Unless I have a faulty xmax v3 you’re going to be very disappointed. Got one and it’s been extremely underwhelming. Am seeing it a lot more too joe that I got one. Before it seemed like every thing I read was positive

  32. I’ve tried everything I could find as far as tips and tricks go and get wispy clouds at best. I was disappointed even at $89

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