1. You’re saying that they can’t make the decision to have an abortion so are you really one to talk on stripping agency away from women?

  2. Okay so if someone has unprotected sex and gets a treatable STD should they be denied treatment because STDs are a consequence to sex?

  3. Ooh a reddit "I'm so smart" moment. Newsflash, everyone believes unscientific things.

  4. In all seriousness, people like to laugh at off as a conspiracy theory but it is 100% true. In fact it's a hell of a lot more evil than you would think.

  5. God is clearly anglican. If there is an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent deity, he would be English.

  6. Americans haven't been universally in agreement since epstein didn't kill himself.

  7. Do you have any son's? Would you urge them to remain virgins too.? Double standard? Think the girls should be virgins marriage but boys should be allowed to have as much fun as they, probably,SMH

  8. How old are they? Are they Heading off to college soon or do you have food in your kitchen that's older than them?

  9. US here. Its kind of two tiered. If you have money, it's the best Healthcare in the world. If you don't, it's not.

  10. Its not really that, but I'm not that picky about where my cock goes. I prefer women, but a twink is fine in a pinch.

  11. some English accents. There's a big difference between received English and being a northern farmer.

  12. When one runs for government with the focus of enforcing their personal religious beliefs, they’re going to get called a lot of things. There’s a spectrum within each group and though I wouldn’t say he’s an extremist in the right-wing party, he does not believe in individual autonomy. As he’s quite comfortable taking away women’s autonomy. The question is where does he draw the line? LGBTQ? Doubt it. Gay marriage? Doubt it.

  13. The point is that when milquetoast "Rino Romney" is called a nazi, the label has lost all power.

  14. LOL! Few things are funnier than people's ridiculous religious beliefs

  15. Damn dude. I fought them and even I don't have that much Islamophobia.

  16. Nobody mentioned Islam except you. Looks like you have more than you want to admit

  17. Yes. Congress shall make now laws regarding the establishment of religion. Laws exempting churches from taxation violate the first amendment.

  18. Congress shall not establish any one denomination as an official state religion.

  19. 100%, next would be abolish the NSA, DEA, DHS, gut DoD budget, End the DOE (education), approve any and all Nuclear power plant proposals, and gut corporate subsidies especially to the banking/finance sector

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