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  1. What am I looking at? The throat of a deer? Brain?

  2. Why doesn't the US have a physical Pokemon Center?!?

  3. It seems this box is selling at slightly higher prices than the past few new released. If anyone is looking to pick up a case, I think Smoke and Mirrors might still have a sealed case for $100 per bb AFTER TAX. That's maybe $7 cheaper per bb than footballpete's current prices.


  5. Chilling is a sleeper hit, I've been buying up booster boxes whenever they go on sale

  6. Thank you, it took so many hours… it’s still a work in progress I’m learning things as I go. The prices aren’t updating live yet but that’s something I’d hope to achieve later down the road.

  7. Sometimes the packs fall behind the jumbo cards in these boxes which causes them to look like this.

  8. Is there a list for Alt Art that you check off? I’m trying to see if there is an active Alt Art list.

  9. You went deeeeeeep and it paid off! Congratulations!

  10. On eBay I see that they were selling for $165-190 up until 3 days ago, then 2 days ago a Japanese seller listed some for preorder at $142 with a release date of August 30th. I think he's the first so there's a good chance more will pop up closer to release and that the price will go lower. A US seller not on eBay said he was getting some eevee heroes and that he would sell them for less than 145, he wasn't committing to it so not sure how true that is. If you don't have any Eevee heroes at all maybe you should get it at $145 and average down otherwise hold off, there's a month of preorders that should be coming.

  11. ^ This. Buy some at $145....if prices it goes down buy more (aka DCA). If prices go up, you'll be glad you got some at $145.

  12. I definitely pick up VV at $125, they were hitting $200 before the reprint and I believe the reprint for VV is done.

  13. I can only dream of owning any sealed Japanese vintage set :(

  14. Not yet but I’m waiting & hoping soon.

  15. I'm honestly not sure what wishlist is 🤷🏽‍♂️, my apologies.

  16. I think he meant Whitelist, which means to deem that email as safe so it doesn’t get sent to Spam folder.

  17. I tell these other sets, if Steam Siege can do it, so can you! It pumps them up every time to keep pushing, they get all motivated and start selling even faster yelling f yeah leeeeeeeroy!


  19. Great diversification! Solid stash!

  20. We need more details!?! Storage locker?

  21. How many total card for the complete set?

  22. My son pulled the Alt Art Charizard V from these lunchboxes tins this morning, from GS too!

  23. Lugia is an awesome Pokemon and highly collectible. For that price, I think you did well for a VINTAGE Pokemon graded card!

  24. Japanese card quality is way better than English, just look at the Radiant cards. This is a good set to buy and stash away for 10 years. FIRST ever Pokemon GO set and I don't see Pokemon making another GO set anytime soon. This is a special set and will be sought for in the future. My kids love playing Pokemon GO imagine when they are in their 20s and remember there was a Pokemon GO set. I bought a few and preordered the ETB's and Eevee collection in English. Stash it away and marinate.

  25. Funnily enough, Pokemon GO Radiants are one of the worst examples to pick for Japanese card quality. So many misaligned textures. Now if you're talking about how the Radiants look compared to English then yes, a million times better.

  26. Yes, I’m talking about a Radiant Japanese compared to a Radiant English, just look at Astral Radiance Radiant pulls. Overall Japanese card quality is always way better than English no doubt.

  27. How are they offering this unreleased set for so low? Don't think allocation has been confirmed yet, right?

  28. The more preorders, the larger the qty the shop can buy which means lower costs and better profit margin. win win for everyone

  29. Got it. Do they charge immediately or when shipped?

  30. How often do they do these Pro Member Deals? I just upgraded my account.

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