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  1. Yeah, I tried watching it there but I live in Spain and for some reason it is only up to season 2 there.

  2. Stupid people, just generally people who don’t give a frick, all, they do is annoy everyone around them.

  3. Ehhh, he was a teenager who was left, first turning dark green with some hair loss to becoming light green with only a few strands of hair who is literally called rabid Ezequiel

  4. Beginner here: what does the page down and page up mean?

  5. u don't need extremly strong vga a 2060 is a good choise for 1k. u need lots of ram the minimum is around 16GB, but more better. for cpu anything good what have at least 8 cores. if the used parts also suit you, you can come out with 1000 euros.

  6. I… I normally go to sleep at 3 am, at worst, 5 am

  7. This feels like something a person that says “I can’t draw well” draws.

  8. Either by the end of summer or the start of December

  9. I think they should be able to burn, they are trees goddammit, also it would be the equivalent of burning villagers, something that everyone has done at some point in there life.

  10. Sorry if I explain bad, I’ve always been bad at explaining things.

  11. For example, I’ve seen many programmers that have every word they need to code with the initial or more letter, one of those youtubers is brackeys

  12. I started playing wene pocket edition came out because I couldn’t afford a computer, like 2011

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