1. Royal purple robes famously smelled terrible because of this dying process.

  2. Great to know you're more informed that the history professors who I've heard this from.

  3. As a mechanic, usually an older vehicle just gets a transmission replacement.

  4. You used to get a lot of pushback from artists if you wanted a "jobstopper" (hand/neck/face) if you weren't completely covered.

  5. Go ahead and read the actual laws instead of google articles. All states have exceptions for ectopic pregnancies.

  6. I work in Obgyn haha. We treat ectopic pregnancies as soon as there is a suspicion. There are no states that ban the treatment of ectopic pregnancies.

  7. Japan was invading China during WWII while the big guys were distracted.

  8. The US was the only opponent with the capacity to sink significant numbers of Japanese warships

  9. Admiral Mountbatten and Churchill might have a few things to say about that claim.

  10. It also triggers my brain to be in a fuckin K hole and float above my body, bruh

  11. If you want more protection, just slap a big magnet 🧲 into the inside of the trans pan when you service it.

  12. If you're wanting to understand the lyrics, check out the podcast "The Gospel of Ghost".

  13. As a journeyman mechanic I'd steer clear of anything German. They're overengineered, hard to work on, parts aren't available, everything is expensive, and require special tools.

  14. If you're doing a simple positive and negative, why not just have it cut in vinyl and apply it.

  15. ReFab might have reclaimed material if you want historical salvage.

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