1. Nice drive by insult I guess. Seems uncalled for.

  2. Why would u take a picture with an amateur

  3. The points will post after your stay is completed and the transaction will be dated as your date of departure.

  4. Okay perfect, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to get more LP now when I don’t need it.

  5. My brother and I would golf with my dad religiously on Christmas when courses were closed. Since he's past, we kept on the tradition but made it a little more interesting for 2022. We decided to spend 100 max on each other's retro bag to play with. Irons/woods had to be the oldest we could find for cheap.

  6. Me and a couple pros did this once with clubs we found in a storage room that were all ancient. It’s fun when you can go out there and tool around and just have fun.

  7. You just don’t ever see them because they’re incredibly expensive, and they’re usually living in someone’s office.

  8. I’ll tell you, overspeed training works. But if you stop, it generally goes away. I’ve done it myself, and prescribed it students. I’ve experienced the gains, but if you stop for a few months when you get complacent it will disappear.

  9. Gotta pair em with joggers! Joggers really show off shoes for you.

  10. Well if you wear em like that it’s kinda hard to tell they’re high tops ya know?

  11. I used to work at a high end private resort, and we never had a problem with these. Most people that work in golf recognize these as golf shirts. If someone wears it on tour, than it’s likely to be fine at any course you can play.

  12. I can tell you as a fitter I’ve never juiced it. But I require clients bring their current clubs so we can get a baseline. 99% of the time I can beat your current clubs with something I put together without juicing it. Usually straighter and further.

  13. I’ve done Wolf Creek and Cascata, I can highly highly recommend both. Depending on how much you’re trying to ball out, kinda makes you decide which one. But don’t let the drive deter you from Wolf Creek, it’s an incredible experience and 100% worth the drive.

  14. It’s worth it, don’t let anybody tell you it’s not.

  15. Amazing. Love the 4th green of Spyglass

  16. Definitely a green that you can’t understand how crazy it is until you see it in person.

  17. I love to see people talk about Rams Hill. This is an awesome course on the top 100 list that is definitely not talked about very much. I’d say it’s probably one of my favorites that I have played on the list that has never held a major or tour event.

  18. Didn’t get to play a lot of golf this year.

  19. That course looks really cool based of this picture!

  20. Honestly, I’d take that over being amazing in lessons. I have so many students who tell me what they’ve been struggling with, and as soon as we get into the lesson the issue goes away until they are back on their own again. It’s an easy day for me, but it’s tough when the car stops leaking when the car gets to the shop and you already paid for the work.

  21. As a teaching pro I love 45 minutes. 30 minutes is way too short, and usually guys are tired by the time we get to around 50-55 minutes. But if it’s one or the other I’d say just do the hour. Guys usually do half hour to make their rate seem lower than it is.

  22. For some reason people think they need to put covers and carry… their alignment sticks. Lol

  23. I honestly carry alignment sticks under a cover just to hold caddy towels, lol.

  24. I’ve been trying to do that. I do a lot of last minute travel and that one is hard to snag last minute.

  25. My top 3 in order. Pebble Beach, Spyglass, The Ocean Course

  26. I’m literately on staff with a brand and have a couple of other clubs mixed in occasionally. The brand generically suits me accross the board, but I still want to play what’s best for me.

  27. It’s the worst of the four while still being one of the best golf courses I’ve ever played. It’s a course that has the unfortunate roll of being a little brother to some of the best courses in the world.

  28. That’s funny that you noticed that. I’ve had that putter for forever. It made its way back into the bag for this trip after a rough season with less conventional putters.

  29. This looks great for a gap wedge if you never use it for chipping, but maybe you should test chipping before lengthening wedges. Personally, I love working my wedges and lengthening the shaft may make it difficult to choke down and play a delicate flop

  30. I still carry one standard length wedge, I have full swing wedges that are all one length

  31. Makes sense. Does the extended shaft, and therefore increased clubhead speed increase the spinrate as well?

  32. No, the swing speeds of all of my clubs are the same. But that’s why swing weight, loft, and the correct shaft is so important. All of my irons perform in a similar fashion to any other modern iron.

  33. Is it just me or is that a huuuuge bucket of balls?

  34. I use giant buckets so I don’t have to get more balls after every lesson.

  35. Your local courses don’t have a bucket of water by the first and tenth tee box?

  36. By bucket do you mean like a jug of clean drinking water? Or one to dip a towel in?

  37. It’s like a 5 gallon bucket filled with water sitting on the ground.

  38. A neat course which was in exceptional condition when I played it back in April. Very playable course after being slaughtered by TPC Sawgrass which was still in tournament condition,

  39. I played it after playing Sawgrass looking for an ego boost, this course is definitely not an ego booster.

  40. It’s on 16 during the Valero at TPC San Antonio

  41. I read somewhere that they pull more balls out of that pond each year than the number of rounds played and it's not close. Lol

  42. The caddie said it’s something like 60K balls a year.

  43. I honestly don't remember where I saw it but I think it was 120k. I could definitely be misremembering it though.

  44. He said the number went down when they switched the Players to March because now there is significantly less rounds being played now.

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