Daily Discussion - September 8, 2021 (GMT+0)

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  1. Please note, I have tried scan and repair, updating windows, restarting, reinstalling the game, updating drivers, rolling back drivers, reinstalling clean drivers with DDU, running with compatibility mode, administrator, all the fixes online I can possibly try and I can't get past the treyarch splash screen at the start.

  2. MMR is tied to headset so most likely you're just getting rolled and accusing it on smurfs

  3. do you think people wouldn't buy a new headset just fuel their ego by stomping lower levels

  4. Unfortunately I just don't think that's possible, the best you could do with 300 bucks is an AMD APU and 4gb ram to be honest.

  5. One part i disagree with is the variety. Felt like there were way too many Tail missions.

  6. bring me down, just because y'all said it was worst i wanna prove y'all wrong

  7. do u add up the duplicate comments or just count the single one with the highest votes

  8. It’s just so dumb and repetitive and the average person just eats this kind of post up. If you go to any artists subreddit you’ll find this exact post. It’s nothing new and it’s dumb as fuck

  9. I'd love this :) Thanks for your generosity during this holiday season!

  10. Don't you just hit the windows key and then type? That's what I do.

  11. yeah the typing box is totally unnecessary as you can literally just type after hitting the windows key

  12. It still blows my mind people have been somehow conned into paying for online images that anyone can view. ("You're not paying for the image, you're paying for the chain code" blah blah) I laughed when I first heard about people buying NFTs. Like purchasing bottled farts haha.

  13. By the way, as much as I agree with the comment about people actually buying JPGs and claiming they have worth is very pointless, the technology of NFTs is actually pretty sweet and has some other applications as well. They can represent any physical/digital asset and not only images.

  14. Links to the streaming platforms:

  15. I saw 48 comments and figured this would be sorted out by now but the majority are just replying with 'buy more fans' instead of taking actual troubleshooting steps.

  16. I wouldn't say two fans and a stock cooler is more than enough, but it's still enough. I agree with the rest of your comment :)

  17. Honestly, $2500 for [email protected] is a bit overkill. I still stuck with your wishes + budget, and got it to $2485, but you can easily get that performance with just a 3060ti and R5 5600x.

  18. I actually thought "jizz in my pants" by the lonely island was completely innocent, I never knew what "jizz" meant until I sung it around my sister and she knew...

  19. I'm buying little bits of ETH while it drops who's with me :)

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