1. SLR-107fr & SAM7SF plus a lot of x39 mags and 2.5k rounds of 7.62 For his AK-12 and two AK-12 mags and spam can of 7n6

  2. I'd look for a used browning citori if I were you

  3. Super nice truck but no way I'd spend that much on it

  4. I'd just stick to Browning, Beretta, and Benelli at that price point

  5. Besides the sauce, it's not that good. The chicken is worse than chick fil a, Popeyes, zaxbys, maybe it's better than KFC but idk about that either. The fries are shitty too

  6. If you really want James Robinson, make him offer someone else in addition to JR. If he wants to do a one for one trade, it's because he thinks the guy he wants is better than the guy he is giving up.

  7. Only thing I dislike is the rear sight, should be a peep sight

  8. Pizza hut > little caesars > every other fast food pizza chain

  9. The longest I've ever gone without eating was 60 hours, and it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be

  10. Why do Americans have to make everything that has to do with numbers so complicated miles, Fahrenheit, dates, pounds. It always confuses me when I see it

  11. This way makes more sense even it it is different, it is spelt the same it is spoken, may 12 2023 - 5/12/2023

  12. In places that write 12/5/2023, the majority of people will say '12th of May'. Using how you say it to back up how your write it isn't really a valid argument because the two are based on eachother.

  13. /uj seriously? Literally ONE run of master ketchcrash completes it

  14. Dtg users don't have friends so they can't do a master ketchcrash

  15. Dont worry I was gonna get zastava but I didnt want to drop 1400😫 I'll probably tho in the future, yall are treating me like a monster lol

  16. Najee or Dillon. Najee is better but Dillon is playing a worse team, take your pick

  17. I'm pretty sure on Instagram they claimed these were surplus rifles that were intended to be shipped to some foreign police force

  18. These are stupid and if you like them you are fucking stupid too

  19. These are also cheaper and if you choose not to buy one of these and instead buy one without the markings for a higher price you're fucking stupid

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