1. i don’t hate the terms on their own or if others want to use them. but they will never apply to me or my relationships 😂

  2. there’s nothing wrong with you. you could be asexual, aromantic, both, somewhere on that spectrum, or perhaps it might just be your partner that you don’t click with on that level.

  3. Im sorry girly it happens all the time including to me:( one of my friends was in a relationship for 4 months and as soon as the guy took her virginity he dipped saying he randomly lost interest

  4. are men really willing to hold out that long just to have sex once? why not just go find a woman who wants casual sex like they do?

  5. honestly some men just aren’t into dating younger women. but you’ll never find out if you don’t try! just shoot your shot.

  6. my boyfriend has an 8 year old. He also is less affectionate to me when his son is around. Although his son is fine sleeping in a room by himself, my bf does want his son around a lot. They are only young once, I respect completely his desire to experience as much of this fleeting period of his child’s life as possible. As for your guy’s daughter being “too old” to sleep with you guys… I hate the idea of labeling father daughter interactions as inappropriate when they aren’t. My most comforting memory with my father was as a 22 yr old when my dad scooped me up after a devastating breakup, put me on his lap, and just held me like a little girl. If it were me, I would let them have their relationship. If she’s 14 and still in bed with y’all, have a talk then.

  7. yeah i don’t think it’s inappropriate as in the dad is being a creep, i just think it makes her a bit developmentally behind in terms of learning independence

  8. I think you shouldn’t put that type of assumption on anyone, ever, because every single person is different from the very moment their born. Some children are more independent and some are not. That’s it.

  9. everyone is different and i’m not saying it’s inherently a bad thing. but there are general developmental milestones for children. like most children learn to walk at a certain age, learn to talk, etc. and if someone learns to walk later than most that may or may not mean anything truly significant. but most children at the age of 10 are not sleeping in the same bed as their parents, so it makes her an outlier

  10. Since when did somebodies entire worth and attractiveness come down to one singular characteristic which doesn’t affect anything else?

  11. i never said attractiveness comes down to one characteristic. i also don’t personally agree with filtering out men by their height. but sometimes one factor can overrule any other attractive qualities. personally, it’s not height for me. it’s not being an animal lover. if a man isn’t fawning and cooing over any dog that walks by, blech. this isn’t going past the first date for me. it’s a superficial standard, just like height is. but people have their reasons and can choose to date or reject whoever they want.

  12. I think not being an animal love is a fair deal breaker, it’s something that is based on your values and would obviously have an effect on your relationship with that person, that’s fine.

  13. i think the people who are open to having these discussions are not the same people who would have such shallow standards in the first place.

  14. 🙄 OP literally just posted about ending things with her former Dom, a relationship that clearly meant a lot to her, and now you think this is the time to proposition her? in a reddit comment?

  15. 😂😂😂 i could laugh at how absurd this comment is. my boyfriend is literally decades away from retirement. probably 40 years tbh 🤷‍♀️

  16. At 26? No offence but are you rich or hot or gay or what??

  17. i mean that’s only about 7 people a year if they started having sex when they turned 18. it really doesn’t seem that difficult.

  18. i’ve never entered a relationship, thinking about whether or not it has decades-long potential. i just think “does this person make me happy?” and if yes, i just go with the flow. relationships begin and end. that’s just how it goes

  19. Um, please be careful with them Snapchat friends.

  20. i think if you make a snapchat friend off of reddit, they’re not really your friend 😭 why are people on reddit trying to befriend a 16 y/o on snapchat???

  21. AHAHAHAHA. 26 probably wasn’t against the age gap in the first place, just jealous that she wasn’t the first young woman to pursue you 😂😂

  22. ah :( i work in wildlife rehab. baby birds are so fragile, so i’m used to their deaths (especially the ones we get which are orphaned or sick), but it’s still a super sad and tragic thing. honestly i’m appalled he would suggest flushing a baby bird down the toilet. a fish is what i thought too, bc that’s the only animal that you would naturally think to flush down the toilet.

  23. yes boys are raised like that but men are adults who can grow and change.

  24. my boyfriend and i have plenty of things in common and lots of differences between us. it’s what makes our relationship so great! we’re both nerdy and nature/animal lovers. but we also have our own niches we introduce each other to.

  25. Lol they don’t mean age is what they have in common they mean same place in life , same era of music etc etc. but it’s not always true that same age people have stuff in common

  26. two people of different ages can be at the same place in life. regardless i know plenty of people my age and at my place in life that i have nothing else in common with. my boyfriend and i obviously didn’t grow up in the same era of pop culture/music but that’s irrelevant to our relationship as we introduce each other to things we both like, as is common in any other relationship

  27. In case you are lost on a deserted place you will need a reliable source of water. That's why the squirter is the better choice

  28. i’ve heard other men also say “women want men that are desired.” like what the fuck? no????? honestly if anything, knowing i have a lot of “competition” turns me off because i don’t wanna be vying for his attention. that doesn’t mean a guy with lots of female friends is a bad match, but it’s not a factor i look for when determining attractiveness. i want men that have traits i look out for. that’s it. i don’t care about what other women find desirable

  29. it sounds like she’s not interested in a relationship with you anymore? if you guys are spending time together and she’s just on her phone, seems like she’s checked out.

  30. hey girl. 20 year old here. and i’m a strong, independent woman that don’t need no man! but i want a man. lol. so i have one! i choose to have him in my life and it’s wonderful. but i have full confidence in myself that i’d also be fine without a relationship. but having a relationship just makes me a bit happier. it’s like dessert. would i be fine without having dessert? happy? sure! but would dessert make me even happier? you betcha!

  31. your friends sound horrible and need therapy. if you don’t want what they have, don’t repeat what they’re doing. don’t have sex with people you’re not attracted to. simple as that

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