1. You can request that they increase the limit.

  2. Because it’s expensive for WeBull. It’s 2023 already, the party of 2020 and 2021 is over. Companies are starting to be more practical. Others just die.

  3. You are free now - you can do whatever you want with the pie.

  4. Hi, this is called “in-specie” transfers and Trading 212 confirmed they are working on it (it’s in beta for UK accounts) but it’s not available yet.

  5. Nope, not misleading, and it’s better this way IMO.

  6. It can be both. If they don't act on their best execution policy, that's bad for you and makes them liable too

  7. This. It’s bad for both you and the broker. And if the execution isn’t good enough- the regulator might punish them.

  8. I would sell what’s left now.

  9. Depends what you bought with that money. 🤠

  10. Out of the few you mentioned, which one would you recomend as the best for scalping?

  11. CFDs are better designed for scalping, but better don’t use them if you don’t know what you are doing.

  12. That's my point, T212 is 'free', yet people still complain about features.

  13. T212 get their prices from Bloomberg and then execute on IB. I believe you it doesn’t get better than that in terms of execution. Some mention better pricing - if you “see” better prices doesn’t mean you get better prices. Check how reputable is the source of the quotes.

  14. You might find it ridiculous - but you can’t, they won’t let you.

  15. They switched to LTP price which is more accurate, but that disabled the spread calculation - it’s a trade-off.

  16. Why is there such a thing? Is it a feature?

  17. This feature in in the CFD account, the OP has chosen a wrong flavour.

  18. That pie needs a minimum investment of 50 pounds per go or it can't stay balanced

  19. How come? If he only has three stocks, probably he could invest less.

  20. He mentioned the name of pie in another post I have several thousands in it

  21. Depends on which penny stocks I guess. It must have enough trading volume.

  22. Invest in an ETF that covers short-term bonds.

  23. This. If you don’t see a sell button in the stock - you’ve put it in a pie. You can sell with within the pie using the Withdraw button in that pie.

  24. Above dotted line means portfolio is green, below means red

  25. That’s what I call insight.

  26. Because of some margin that is locked for the positions?

  27. My portfolio consists of VUSA (S&P 500) and VFEM (Emerging markets).

  28. Sounds like a very sensible approach. What %age have you got allocated to each of your three pies? (I consider the tracker funds "pies" even if you don't!)

  29. Thanks mate! Here’s he allocation:

  30. thx, do I need to register for real account with Trading 212 to unlock their test account?

  31. Wow mate, their prices are the best if you are in the UK or in the EU.

  32. You can't short currency pairs in the investing account.

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