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  1. I want a "doors and corners" tattoo but can't figure out the right image

  2. Corner with a door right in the 90, spilt right down the middle.

  3. My wife yells dinner time for my son and I, we go in and there are 5 cats setting near the table. Or there is a stampede of cats if we are in the house.

  4. I never met an electrician that even pretended to know what the word broom meant.

  5. “CB engineer” walks around with clipboard

  6. IT-networks Cisco and Microsoft certified.

  7. Hes mispronouncing auspicious, which means "conductive to success, or favorable."

  8. Yea I know I was saying something Jayne said in that show the line came from.

  9. Go back inside before I blow a new crater in this little moon.

  10. Goes over with bag of treats, leaves with no hand on right arm. BOB CAT not friend.

  11. No problem with ass hair, one flush and poof no more.

  12. The last off-road run spooked the hell out of the wife, she could not hold it.

  13. My girl runs through the house like a wild cat making funky cat sounds every morning so I say yes.

  14. The fact that you’re wearing shoes in the house is sending me.

  15. Check the plug if it is fouled it will not start. Some people will not think to check it if they are new to saws and stuff. Got a riding more for 100 bucks and that was all was wrong. 😆

  16. I saw a car called a Duster the other day and had a bit of a chuckle

  17. You are being charged with Triple F “falsifying fictitious flat” you have been nailed.

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