1. And you're being a typical American thinking the rest of the world is lost without you. Yeah we do more than any other nation in NATO, but you are acting like it's only going to be Americans fighting and it makes you look pathetic.

  2. That's literally how NATO works, so yes the Americans would be doing the heavy lifting.

  3. A convenient way to get the hotheads out of Spain where they can't cause trouble. Plus bonus they probably aren't coming back!

  4. For the last year, I've thought that if Russia came screaming out of the south and east with guns blazing, no one in the west would have thought much about it. But the naked pursuit of a whole country was beyond the pale. Their plans were too ambitious.

  5. Poland looks to increase sanctions on stuff they dont purchase from russia, for example nuclear material (which the EU and US buy from russia).

  6. I bet coal isn't on there because either American coal is the wrong grade, a lack of self unloading ships, or both.

  7. But you need people to know that you have vodka they can buy, that's the key part.

  8. Yes, they have to. It’s literally in their contract. But if you’re going to be a jerk, you might convince the store clerk to quit instead of helping you or attract the attention of managers and get you kicked out of the store. As I said, you don’t have to be “nice”, but you can be at least a decent and polite person.

  9. I worked in a bookstore for years and the number of times I reached for a book for a customer was zero.

  10. Russian wounded have been getting much less and slower medical care than Ukraine

  11. While that is true, it isn't really that important. Wounded can be returned to action pretty quickly even under fairly poor medical care. Battlefield medicine wasn't particularly sophisticated in WWII compared to now, but my grandfather (as an example) was reported as wounded in action three times. Twice at Saipan alone.

  12. Would that be the same as a 'Forlorn Hope'?

  13. That's sort of the reason why they call it a Hail Mary and not after some other prayer. If you're not familiar with the prayer, it is only three sentences long and the last one is the important one for the "win or lose now" moment.

  14. Re: Taiwan invasion. The second-worst possibility for China, next to total failure, is being bogged down in a war of attrition with Taiwan being supplied by most of the world.

  15. I'm also somewhat confused as to what China would hope to accomplish. Taiwan's value isn't in real estate, vast mineral resources, or some vague all purpose "sometimes you just want to conquer someone." Their economic value is in super-fragile manufacturing in specific sectors and your war of conquest is undoubtedly going to destroy them and the technical know-how to use them. A whole lot of effort for nothing is all I see.

  16. It would be great if every Leader and pro-war mouth pieces had to send THEIR sons and daughters to war in order to support the war! I bet the amount of wars would diminish drastically. But as we all know-the rules are only for the common man-Politicians 💩 are never held the the same standard.

  17. People always say this, but history bears out no such illusions. Leadership has never shied away from sending their own off to war and more often than not did go to war in their younger days.

  18. In other news, Sergei Lavrov accused US of aiding Mongol invasion of 1220.

  19. I have it on good authority that Pontius Pilate was an American Satanist.

  20. The most sought after jobs were ones that required basic hand tools, because you could steal them one at a time. Once you had enough, you could find after hours handyman work under the table.

  21. But it’s only banned because they signed the treaty. So simple solution is to leave the treaty.

  22. The entire treaty is feel good nonsense. Virtually every signatory is one that either has no security challenge that land mines can address or is security dependent on a non signatory in the first place. Then you get non signatories like the US patting itself on the back for voluntarily setting then aside (except for in South Korea, which is the only place they have any military utility in the first place). One of the few things I'll give Trump credit for is calling this nonsense for the fiction it is.

  23. Also stepping down after two terms. Established a precedent for 150 more years. Andrew Jackson could have probably been elected quite a few times.

  24. What's curious is that it was really a self fulfilling thing. Either age caught up with you by the end of your second term or you'd used up your popularity. If you go back to the papers of the day, you'll see that "will he run for a third term?" was common. People sort of anticipated it. Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe all knew Washington personally and were definitely deferring to his example. After that, there weren't many options. Plenty of one termers. Jackson was old. Lincoln died. Grant wanted to go for it, but he'd have lost.

  25. He needs to be tried for treason. Fucking moronic and super in-American. Sadly, his core base will follow suit further dividing this once great country. What a disconnected slob. So much for “America first.”

  26. It wouldn't do anything and, in actuality, work in his favor. The threshold for treason is exceedingly high, like beyond the point where even "I joined an enemy military and actually shot at American troops" can be talked down from treason.

  27. What is that flag behind him? It sort of looks like the old imperial Grand Duke's flag, but with...a lot extra going on.

  28. The German Autobahn, was planned in the Weimar Republic, and also the first sections were opened in time before Hitler. Big parts of the network were built later of course.

  29. While that is technically true, the Weimar government made virtually no headway and a lot of actual design did come out of the Nazis. As I recall pre Nazi was "here's a 20 km stretch of paved road" and post Nazi was "here's a whole network of limited access motorways."

  30. Who is New York? Does the state buy oil? Or companies within the state? What companies?

  31. Now there's some guys who knew how to buy a ridiculous desk

  32. Not really. I'm not in the business of sharing the nuts and bolts of it, but it is disturbingly simple.

  33. If not US and Britain NATO is useless, impotent paper declaration, just like UN is.

  34. People say years because it is true. Governments take a week to change a light bulb.

  35. Hard to believe they are still building new ones.

  36. The original F-16 from the 70s and the current variant are just two different airplanes that look alike. And are still some of the best airplanes you can buy, if you're not the US Air Force.

  37. The entire US, not just the government but business, regular people, everything, blows that away.

  38. I'd wager more empires called themselves as such than did not, combined with the caveat that many that didn't did so because they lacked the term for it. Great Qing and Ēxcān Tlahtōlōyān, for instance.

  39. Oh look, I just fit a bulldozer blade to my M-1 Abrams! - Uncle Sam

  40. I used to know a guy who had been a tanker back in the late 80s/early 90s, a driver. He'd tell this story about crossing into Iraq during Desert Storm. They'd stopped for a moment while straddling a trench with Iraqi soldiers in it. They could hear small arms fire pinging off the armor. The commander orders "driver, bring us 90 degrees." Spins the tank 90 degrees and they could feel the tank settle down into the trench. The next order was "work 'em into the sand."

  41. Yeah when the distance is that close, you've got virtually no time to intercept, even if you have sophisticated interception capabilities

  42. Brilliant military strategists craft their plans based on…

  43. Sometimes? The plan isn't always the problem. If your execution is the problem, that can be fixed. The trick is the small tweaks to make up for the adversary potentially recognizing the plan.

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