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  1. Ads are definitely the number 1 reason for me. And some articles are paywalled as well.

  2. Ads, annoying popups, paywalls, cookies, misleading cookie permission popups, "subscribe to our newsletter" popups, "site would like to know your location for whatever reason" popups, some sites being straightup blocked to European users oh and did I mention popups

  3. Let's roleplay that I'm the ai and you are the user

  4. I got the roleplay to work briefly. It's learning.

  5. Spot on! I guess that's something that I as an AI can learn lol

  6. I tried it and it has definitely got some great sounds! I especially liked the staccato sounds you get with an increased damping (and some muting as well).

  7. yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesnononononononononoNEINnononononononononononono

  8. I know we shouldn't judge animals by human standards and all but orcas really are assholes

  9. Dude you are my people, thank you. I get so much hate for saying orcas are the bullies of the ocean but they really are. From this, to literally wearing salmon heads on their own head as a fashion statement. Just the worst, right after humans of course. And probably dolphins for the rape thing

  10. Wow I hadn't heard about the salmon hats and just read up on it that is just so bizarre lol

  11. I find it very much OK to be excited. The thing I like most and that is often overlooked is the USB power output, which can be used to power a Raspberry Pi, thus opening the door for all sorts of Raspberry related Guitar Pedal Projects. For instance I have a Zero on the bottom of my board that I use as a programmable MIDI controller.

  12. I was cooking broccoli for an hour on high heat and nothing happend, decided to eat it raw.

  13. Thanks for the tip! I really want to try that but I need to get a wooden spoon first.

  14. I had that error once, and it was because I used a string as a function argument for an AudioParameter instead of juce::ParameterID. Ergo, the fix was to use said juce::ParameterID, as in:

  15. It's OK as long as you do some Cardi O afterwards

  16. It's always fun to take the SBahn to Herrsching by the Ammersee, and walk from there to Kloster Andechs which is situated in a picturesque manner on a hill and has a famous beer garden and excellent Schweinshaxn. It's a pleasant one hour walk each way. I also enjoyed walking up the church tower. When timed correctly, you can see church bell ringing in close proximity.

  17. The background music is what sells this as videos game dialogue 🤣

  18. I used this as background music for my online lecture and suddenly I found myself in a tavern on the road to Winterhold

  19. When you are a four star general security doesn't check you. You check the security.

  20. I also had a Dell XPS i7 32 GB. It was a fairly new model. I also had regular audio dropouts every 30 - 60 seconds.

  21. Never seen a germany flag outside of the football (im not calling it soccer) champion ship

  22. Nah bottom post is altered for dramatic effect sry

  23. Thanks! Took me a while to find the right format but this one fits really well lol

  24. The Second Triumvirate was a political alliance and also an extraordinary commission and magistracy created for Mark Antony, Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, and Augustus (commonly also referred to as Octavian, as most of you probably know) to give them practically absolute power in the final days of the Roman Republic (if you can even still call it that at that point).

  25. Precisely, the only difference being that all jokes are at other people's expense

  26. I work as a programmer in this industry. It’s certainly an overflow issue.

  27. Kinda not beliewing those 180ft as it could go that deep just by falling and not detonating and not breaking apart seriously. Seems that ve need very big asteroid to make such a hole! 180 is very great depth its around 10 story building!

  28. I also have no idea how that can happen. Compare that to bullets that get stopped after travelling only a few feet through water.

  29. Cool grave! Unfortunately I cannot contribute anything worthwhile, although I wish I could.

  30. Since OP isn't providing context: It's a prototype going under the name MADA 9. It's built by a mysterious company called ENTOP in collaboration with the IT Ministry, and the Innovation Center of Afghanistan.

  31. Does chatGPT ingest new information like this quickly? Would be rad if it did. I would expect it to lag behind the daily news cycle.

  32. I walked out on the barn deck and told the couple, “look at this view!” and then I saw Johnny and June 🤦‍♀️ Whoops.

  33. "You should see how nice the place is when you come in June"

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