1. Having a vehicle with heat and/or ac. One that doesn't break down every 50 miles. Spent quite a bit of time on the side of the road. Get really good at car naps.

  2. Well yeah. But they also recently announced the rent a cup program. Idk if that’s the name but that’s how it’s going to work. You either bring your own cup or pay an extra 1$ for each drink

  3. That's going to be a pain for dt.

  4. I'm so sorry. I hope you're all feeling much better soon because that sounds awful to be going through with all of you sick. Hugs, friend.

  5. Have you tested positive because we had the flu two weeks ago with these symptoms all of us were covid negative

  6. Unfortunately I did test positive. I thought it was just a gnarly cold. I was kinda in shock for a second. So far everyone is in good spirits.

  7. I'm not sure I'd have them moved if this were my place. It would be too cool to see.

  8. Holy moly. I have ADHD and reading some of the things you do sounds like so much. Like, I'm a full grown adult with a family and other responsibilities and I struggle without being physically sick.

  9. I honestly managed fairly well until I hit my mid 30s and had kids. I was undiagnosed but I started to really struggle. My bff was having similar issues so when she was diagnosed I had my self tested. My mom is in her 60s and after a stroke, brain surgery she's starting to have issues also. Crazy how it works.

  10. As an American I am whole heart envious of your life.

  11. My spouse doesn't get gifts or acts of service. He tries but usually forgets or falls really short. So instead of being disappointed I buy myself a gift and have him keep the kids most of the day. I get the fun stuff and he has to do the not as fun stuff. This year I got a Polaroid camera. Xmas I got myself doc Martin boots.

  12. Is your partner forgetting and falling short because of some neurological difficulties? Or is he just a lazy shit head?

  13. I don't think he's a shit head because then I wouldn't be with him. I think you find a difference between someone who doesn't care and someone who does. He will ruminate for days if I complain he messed up. He just can't get himself to a point where he can figure out what to do and how to do it. If it's undiagnosed ADHD or what ever, that would make sense because we tend to flock to each other. But regardless, it's still something I've decided isn't worth fighting for anymore because the rest of our relationship is wonderful and that works for us.

  14. I went through this exact same situation. Eldest was 3 and a half when I had my second and we were attached at the hip his whole life. Things took a turn after my second and I was hard for a while. But let me tell you, I would talk to my eldest about what I was doing, generalizations of how I was feeling. Talked about why I needed to do a/b/c for the baby. Talked about how great it is that he's a big brother and so the stuff he'll get to do with little sibling once he grows. It gets better and you're still making him a priority when you can. Give yourself time. My kids are best buds and show each other so much love because they get that love. You'll get there too.

  15. The first makes you a parent and the second makes you wonder how did the first trick you into thinking you kinda knew what you were doing after a while. I worried I wouldn't love my second as much but your heart just grows. But also having your heart walk around outside your body twice. I think if I just had my first I'd be ok but also wonder what if. My second is amazing and I wouldn't change a thing. It's really a personal choice. You go with what works for you and yours.

  16. My kids can be picky and only want sweets but will never turn down a pn&j (light jelly) on a frozen waffle. I buy the ones with protein or chia seeds. Or easy peanut butter on crackers. Lunch is always snacks but my youngest goes ham for chocolate protein milk. I buy the large packs from Costco. I need to try the frozen berries and tofu. I can't get them to eat anything green but maybe the tofu would work.

  17. Yta. If you treat an employee's personal life like it doesn't matter you're not going to retain that talent because people need to feel valued. I had this happen twice. Once when I applied at Walmart and told them I had another job. Was promised certain hours then when I started my schedule didn't reflect. Second time I started at a new bar. She'd for a specific weekend for a local event and was told it was fine. It was not fine. Didn't work either job once I realized I wasn't valued. It's a simple request and I get that being new doesn't give you privilege, but also it's not hard for me to find something else that will have more respect for my personal life.

  18. 6 year old kid that was bounced from foster home to home. Asked me to be his mom. I honestly adored the kid and he was aging out of my program. I talked to my spouse about it and we started the process of foster parenting with the intent of trying to get him to a place where we could adopt him. Got half way through and kid was adopted to a family way more prepared and financially well off. It worked out in the end. I hope he's doing well. Love ya Kobe.

  19. Yeah, I don't share blankets. I have piles of them to avoid it. My kids will try to share mine, I'll just grab another. Not about it.

  20. How's it going? Just remember this can suck but it's temporary. I hope things are pretty chill considering and that you both get rest.

  21. Well she was up quite a lot and power puked over her room then mine but we made it through and she was in good spirits this morning

  22. I'm glad it's over. Hopefully clean up wasn't too terrible. Happy babies are the best.

  23. How many times I offended or hurt someone unintentionally. I'm really good at being a spaz with a mouth full of feet.

  24. My first response is to get a blinder. I had a really reactive dog and the first thing that my behaviorist had me do was practice short walks with the blinder. The city is really busy and taking away one of the senses right be a first step. I'd also follow others ideas of finding a professional and all that. Also getting a thunder jacket, sitting outside your front door for 5 min, going back inside with lots of love and treat. Repeat day after day, slowly making the duration a little longer. Slowly your pup will hopefully understand that they will be safe and start to relax.

  25. Everyone is going to have something you don't. The tricky part is realizing you have something others don't and really appreciating the little things. Am I almost 40 and still haven't finished college? Yep. Have I only worked in fast paced jobs that wear your body down? Yep. But I also managed to find a person who loves me for me, despite how infuriating I can be, have a little family and can choose to wake up every day with happiness for that. It took me a long time to get here but my life's been pretty good considering. They're on their own journey, this is yours. It's not as long as you think so make the most of what you have. Be ridiculous, have fun and love openly. One day you'll wake up and realize you didn't do what others did but you still lived well.

  26. While you can't change her mind I'd report the child abuse. That's always a big deal.

  27. Originally from here, moved to Florida, came back and plan to leave again. We came back to the ridiculous house prices not realizing how screwy everything is here. Last year's fires sealed the deal because I like to be outside but not if it means more damage to me family and my lungs. We plan to go Midwest, probably Illinois. The COL is more reasonable, 4 seasons and hopefully it'll be easier to purchase another home.

  28. My? Nah she's our grandma now... Everyone knows family isn't created by bloodline but by the shared recipes. And now that we've seen the recipe we're legally siblings.

  29. Haha, I'm not going to argue. She'd accept another grandchild willingly.

  30. I was about to say the same. Lol

  31. When I'm having a few bad days, my right side of my body will either start to ache/go numb or painfully tingle. I've had MRIs and all kinds of blood tests. Everything comes back like I'm completely fine. It's not exactly helpful when I'm on a panic to have it happen.

  32. I moved away from Aldi and this makes me so sad. Lol. I want all the things.

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