1. Same! I have thankfully had a really good experience with FFF the last year. I love my unhide blanket too! Laying with it now.

  2. I love the eye cream! I wish I had grabbed a pillow. This seems like a fun holiday box. 🙂

  3. I feel the same way even without bonus items. I love the eye cream and it's very pricey so that alone is worth the box. On top of that I got a nice blanket that is luxe and makes me feel cozy, and mascara I was needing. The rest is fun to try and will be used. I love the positivity!

  4. That's a great box! That is a pretty unhide color. I just got my first unhide blanket and I love it! I will definitely get another down the road.

  5. Yesss its so soft. I purchased more of the unhide blanket with the deal they had during the sale. 3 blankets for 75 dollars and it’s sooo worth it!

  6. That's so good! Are they the small or the mediums?

  7. That navy unhide is pretty! Looks like a great box.🙂

  8. I got the charcoal Unhide a year ish ago and saved it for when my other blankets were getting kinda ratchet. Opened it a couple weeks ago and use it every night, including right now 😃

  9. I was unsure of this box at first but now I love mine!

  10. I love the headband! Looks super cozy I wish I had got it!

  11. If you can get a pair of maternity leggings, jeans, and work pants. Thrifting is a great way to go! Especially if you can find one that has a maternity section for easy shopping. I also bought a two pack of bodycon dresses on Amazon and tanks, t shirts, and the dresses that come in a bag at the Walmart maternity section. Some of it I found on their sale rack!

  12. This is such a great idea! I didn't get one but now I might if they have them again

  13. I'm getting the eyepads (excited!) and the body wash (usable!) So I'm happy. I was curious about yh snow drop hat.

  14. I am trying to decide if I want one, both, or neither. I am having my first baby in a month (or less!) So easy makeup removal sounds great and so does less puffy, sleepy eyes! At the same time I hate feeling very cold in the winter so I wasn't sure if I would find the gloves alarming? TIA for your thoughts!

  15. 35+4 and in the same boat!! Sore, moody, and tired.

  16. Pregnancy pillow, magnesium, and stretching/sitting on an exercise ball. There are some routines you can do on YouTube.

  17. Thank you for sharing. My body has been so sore with the changes and weight gain, but no else that I know has experienced that part as bad as I have.

  18. I'm seasonal but I would pick almost the same!!:)

  19. Are these for annual subscription or seasonal? I'm thinking about upgrading to annual, but idk if there's a code yet.

  20. I texted CS. You can get the Kate Spade bundle with the tumbler using the code "Katespade".

  21. I just clicked through. The code is ALLFUN, and it only applies to annual.

  22. Does anyone know when the deadline to swap is for seasonal?

  23. I was hoping to get a code too! I'm not sold on the winter box just yet but a code couple entice me lol

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