1. After uploading my video and profile etc it took about a week for native camp to get back to me

  2. was this recently? how do you like teaching on native camp? how much can I potentially earn in a week? thank you kindly for your feedback!

  3. I’ve been teaching on NC since October. The first week I got a ‘Free reservation tag’ so students don’t pay for classes but the teacher still gets paid. So I got a ton of bookings. Then when that dried up I did sudden classes as students prefer teachers with more classes and a decent rating. What I like - the textbook lessons are really straight forward, you literally just read the dialogue. Some finish quickly and you need to repeat the material. Free conversation is similar across all platforms, just need to plan a few lessons/topics. All my students have been really nice so far (touch wood). None of the nightmare students that seem to be mentioned by teachers on Engoo so often! Thing is, a lot of students prefer sudden classes over bookings as they’re obviously cheaper. i have a few regulars who book me a couple of times a week. I’m only doing it as a part time gig, evenings and weekends so I don’t open many slots. I need to up my game and see how much money I can make when I commit a proper amount of time to it

  4. I am staying far away from Engoo because of the horror stories. I hope Native camp works well for me. Thanks again and I wish you many bookings and success!

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