1. Really? In the Stars smells like citrus or some fruit...there is a sharpness while Cloud is nothing but vanilla and sharpness.

  2. I think it smells like it in the dry down. Looking for body care products that went well with my fragrances is what got me into BABW. l went in and smelled ITS l was like yessssssss...BR540. The fragrances are going to wear very different, they are formulated to be complex and non linear but you definitely get the vibes of Cloud and 540.

  3. I have heard it compared to Light Blue by D&G and l would say they have the same fresh citrus vibe.

  4. So this is what I got for that Mystery Item. Ummmmm so I guess I am a little disappointed since I saw dozens of people got like 6+ items and stuff. But I love goldfaden and it was free-ish so whatever. And this months bag was probably the one I was least interested in when it showed all my items so oh well.

  5. That's probably my favorite product l have ever received from Ipsy ever. I buy the little tubes whenever they have it available by itself in add-ons or popup.

  6. I definitely get the espresso note. I absolutely love this candle.

  7. Me too. I am just getting into candles so l am trying not to get crazy but l think l have five lol. This and Sunset Desert are my favorite.

  8. Yep! So I only ended up with 3 of the 8 items I was supposed to get (and duplicates of them). I’m so annoyed. I contacted CS but haven’t heard back yet.

  9. Honestly it feels like they aren't even trying. They have had your money for almost two full months and haven't fulfilled your order, like what other company gets away with this. It's like we are hooked on false promises otherwise why would we stay subbed. Ugh l am annoyed for you.

  10. Same same same. I can't handle cluttered anything.

  11. it wasn’t solely b&bw stuff that she hoarded but she had a bunch.

  12. You can see all of the bags as they're winding through her house. Thanks for posting it l can't wait to finish it when l get home from work!

  13. I actually really like that 111 skin night cream, it's the only product from the brand l have ever cared for. It's very rich but not too heavy.

  14. I mean brands like Brooklyn Candle, Boy Smells or PF candle.

  15. I have purchased luxury candles for years, including diptyque, replica etc. I think BABW are worth the 25-30$ price tag in relation to luxury candles and certainly are a deal for 10-12. I have always grabbed additional "cheap" candles here and there, ie Target, TJ Maxx etc and BABW perform better and have a better aesthetic imo.

  16. Oh the glass lid candles! I have a pick up order l can't wait to see what they have in the store tomorrow when l stop.

  17. Probably not a thing, l haven't been Rouge in a few years and didn't even hit VIB. I started shopping through the websites of brands directly for better sales and GWP.

  18. Haven’t gotten a candle from B&BW in a minute and decided to take advantage of this week’s sale. Unfortunately they didn’t have any new limited edition candles (it looked like they hadn’t even received them) and there was no carrot cake, which I’d been hoping to grab, but I’m pretty satisfied with these. Vivid Emerald has mixed reviews, but I like it. Simple, clean, and fresh without being too beachy/ tropical. Great for spring (and St. Paddy’s Day). Really looking forward to burning Sunset Desert. It’s a unique, earthy pomegranate scent with patchouli and peppercorn, on the masculine side. One of Bath’s more sultry recent offerings 🔥🌵

  19. Sunset Desert is my favorite. I have only been into candles since October and it's probably the best to me so far. It's a very pleasing earthy scent.

  20. I think that the mindset of “it’s such a big company you’ll never make any impact “ is really negative, untrue, and undervalues the power of the consumer. So many things have been accomplished by a bunch of individuals going up against powerful entities. That’s like saying voting doesn’t matter because you’re just one person and it’s the whole country affected. If enough people take a stand, they’d have to listen or risk losing a significant portion of customers. Always do what you think you should even if you’re not sure it’ll make a difference because it just might.

  21. Yes friend! Thanks for being a person who thinks like you do. Voting with your dollar is indeed a real thing, especially right now.

  22. Colorescience Even Up Clinical Pigment Perfector SPF 50 ($155) Even this was on their website

  23. Spf makes sense. Their products are so expensive...l may pass if it's an SPF l have a few too many.

  24. These Facebook groups bring out the most annoying people I swear. I’m sure some of y’all are on here as well but I’ve always gotten shady or seedy vibes from the Facebook groups.

  25. People on Reddit have always had better decorum than other social media. It's become more mainstream in the last few years but in general it's always been a great place to talk to like minded people about whatever. Every time l get on FB l almost have to immediately face palm. I abandoned my account years ago and only go on the local community news pages, but you better believe it's like a congress of dodos.

  26. Weird l think mine worked out to be the right amount, l placed my order pretty early though.

  27. I'm hoping this is an isolated incident and that nobody was overcharged in the excitement of making a purchase. This was more a PSA for folks to be aware of the glitch and double check if they already purchased or planned to purchase.

  28. Yes l am going to double check mine for sure. I wasn't trying to undermine your post l hope it didn't seem that way. It's terrible that everyone has been saving their coupons, waiting for today and then are unable to use them properly.

  29. If they picked the BOPIS orders before opening that could have depleted the inventory too

  30. They weren't available for BOPIS orders at my store, not sure if it's the same across the board.

  31. In the Stars is what foy me into BABW! I was looking for bath and body products that went well with my fragrances. ItS pairs so well with 540 and a few other of my favorite frags, l have Coco Paradise on deck because we're having a late winter here in California but it's going to be my summer body care scent.

  32. I love Skinfix. I buy it for my son who struggles with dry skin and excema it's made a huge difference. That was super nice of them!

  33. I love the Good Behavior but yikes l can't believe it's 42$😐

  34. I am just finishing up that eye cream, l really liked it and am sad l gave the other one l had away haha.

  35. I love the Dior Backstage and the Armani, l actually mix them to customize my shade. The Armani concealer is amazing as well.

  36. I have that WA highlight and it works well on my light-medium skin. It looks dark in photos but it applies very sheer and natural looking.

  37. I loved this one during the holidays. I didn't know l was a gourmand lady until l got into candles!

  38. I keep as many as l can use before the next SAS. I have been down the road of beauty hoarding and it sucks to throw away untouched or used makeup.

  39. I honestly don’t get these people that marry someone from an impoverished area and then bitch that they don’t have money. Did they think they were just pretending to be poor?

  40. Yes it's literally unbelievable, TLC has to be trolling us.

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