1. It’s difficult to see if you accommodate curve as on your pictures most of them you’re covering your chest.

  2. I'm not sure how the kibbe curves work, but I'm a small 34c - sort of wide, not overly curvy on top. Thanks so much!

  3. Bra size doesn’t have anything to do with kibbe curve. You can have small breasts and be SD (Rachel Weisz) it’s more about how flesh sits on your frame.

  4. I see SD! I think people might jump to FN because clearly you workout and you have some incredible lats, but I see curve accommodation, not width.

  5. What is your height? It’s hard to type from these pictures as you’re posing in them

  6. Eh I’m not sure… I got mostly D and E answers, with the remainder an equal number of A, B, and C… maybe theatrical romantic? But I’m always told I look taller than I am, and I do have quite long (but narrow) hands and feet.

  7. The test is wildly inaccurate and discouraged for typing. I think you need a photo that follows guiding typelines (you can find them in the main sub in the rules), also the best way of reaching a type is just trying recs for different types and seeing what you feel the most comfortable in!

  8. She does not have width. It’s a toss up between D and SD. You can have breasts and be D.

  9. You cannot categorically say there is no width from pictures that have distortion. I’m just saying that that is also a possibility, in the end if she feels like FN recs fit her best it’s only up to her to decide on an ID.

  10. She isn’t even R herself. She looks more SN or even SG than R. She clearly doesn’t even understand kibbe 😂😂

  11. Personally I see more D than SD, but it all comes down to what you feel more comfortable in.

  12. I’d suggest DC or SC. Definitely not natural family as you seem very narrow, not seeing need for width accommodation.

  13. I see FN, your chest has this \ / shape which shows openess in you shoulders. I’d suggest trying FN recs and D to see which one makes you feel more comfortable.

  14. It might, my only hesitation is that it’s a knit and the fabric won’t drape as it might be quite stiff.

  15. That still doesn't say much. You can have pulling at the bust due to having a large chest but accommodate width instead of curve for example.

  16. Not only that but you can have a large bust that only projects forward (as in having conventional curve) and still have gapping on the buttons.

  17. I was just adding the fact it can be conventional curve as that isn’t necessarily width either. All types can be conventionally curvy.

  18. That’s really cute, but my boobs could never 😓 and this would def would look too boxy on me

  19. I don’t really see SD for her. Her curves don’t stand out and doesn’t seem to need to accommodate curve.

  20. Idk what her height is, but her pictures seem to be taken from lower than chest height so that could be warping her vertical. Depending on her height I’d say she might be SN or FN. she seems to accommodate curve by accommodating width.

  21. That Vivienne Westwood outfit looks so amazing on her 😍

  22. It’s difficult to type with none of the pictures following the typing guidelines. You need a photo with no posing and your camera 10ft away, not a selfie for accurate feedback.

  23. Have you tried ratio denim? I get my jeans from decade and they have jeans specifically made for that body type. They’re pretty expensive but they’re basics so I’m fine splurging.

  24. I’m definitely willing to splurge on a pair of jeans if it means I don’t have to wear a belt to make the waist fit, thank you for the rec and I’ll definitely look into them!

  25. I have the same problem, look for brands that offer curvy fit. Abercrombie has a good curve love line for jeans, but you have to size down. If you’re looking for more professional pants, I was able to find work pants that were curvy fit at Ann Taylor.

  26. I’ve been wanting to try the Abercrombie ones I’ve I’ve seen so many people rave about them on this sub!

  27. I don’t see SD, you don’t have to accommodate curve. I see openess on your chest so I would say you might be FN.

  28. Which curve? Because the first dress doesn't accommodate waist and it doesn't look right imo

  29. Accommodating curve and waist emphasis or definition aren’t the same, the second outfit accommodates width and follows the t-shape recommended for FN and looks amazing on OP.

  30. He actually never verified her and because of her height she cannot be TR.

  31. I love this. I definitely prefer more D outfits so I'm trying to find ways to work that into SD.

  32. Same here! I’ve always been drawn more to D styles just because I don’t feel comfortable in SD outfits yet, but the pants are definitely more SD if I wear them on their own.

  33. It’s a statue at my parents place, it’s always scaring people 😂

  34. Yes! I never take off my Underground Creepers (the triple one) and my Jadon platform docs.

  35. As an SD I absolutely looooove chunky shoes and boots, I don’t care if they don’t work with vertical.

  36. hey! you seem really good at this typing, what do you think my ID could be? I'm 5'6

  37. The only reason I won’t type you is because you’ve been spamming every comment and thread about it.

  38. I didn't saw my comment show up so I may have posted multiple without realizing. I am sorry I didn't mean to spam. I am not trying to change your mind on it just wanting to explain myself. Have a good day

  39. Oh, I didn’t mean you replied multiple times with me. Just that I’ve seen you on this thread reposting asking to get typed, as well as on

  40. I think a dark ashy blonde (closer to her natural) would suit her best. The bleach blond tends to wash her out and the dark brunette drowns her.

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