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  1. lmao I actually have been considering going on a 70/30 liquid diet. Gotta find some good nutritional shakes and stock up.

  2. I just got the regular version (refresher) and it has a really bad medicine aftertaste. Not a good medicine aftertaste. Might have to toss it because not even anyone around me wants it after taking a sip.

  3. Oh shit, I had a suicidal melt down just 2 nights ago because of this, I cried all night and I swear I justified everything in my head.

  4. Aww, I have a Shetland sheepdog and he is super unfriendly... I'm so jelly!! So cute!!

  5. I had open abdominal surgery last year as well as sibo and ibs C for as long as I can remember (24 y/o male) dealing with people is the worst part, here’s what I’ve learned after my surgery and food struggles, I’m sure I have every digestive problem you have plus 5 lol:

  6. I have my rice cooker and OMG yes rice and chicken is basically the safest thing I'm able to digest! Thanks for your advice, I'm definitely going to work on chewing even more, I drink so much water that I'm always peeing lol 😂

  7. I hate it so much, why no skip button?!? Skip should def be available especially if you'd sat through it once already.

  8. It's the absolute worse and at times I swear I wanted to go to the emergency room. I've learned to keep track of my periods so that 3+ days before I do not eat any triggers/red meat. It's the only way for me now. Solidarity.

  9. I stopped getting the pusheen boxes because they always arrived smelling like old moldy pee, and the last we got (Christmas) right when we opened the blankets, they had many holes in them and dark barbecue sauce looking stains on it, and also smelled terrible. Both figurines were also broken and unfixable, we’d get two boxes so we could match if there was a shirt. Not to mention they usually would arrive late because of the shipping company they use, and that might explain the rancid smell 90% of the boxes had. Really sad and to see.. I also did get the first and second boxes for the cat kits, loved those and we didn’t have issues with those.

  10. I agree the quality of the items/shipping has dropped drastically, I'll keep getting them until I honestly feel like it's a waste of money to me... Hopefully things get better! One of my boxes had that fishy smell but luckily everything inside was intact.

  11. Me just standing on top of the suitcase waiting for the last person to connect so I can shop lol

  12. I'm excited for the Quarry this Friday!! I'm getting it for the PS5, anyone else???

  13. Certain veggies, especially raw are too hard on ibs tummy. Definitely look into it.

  14. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Just saw this. I go through the exact same thing.

  15. Has anyone received their spring box? Anybody?

  16. I received my Pusheen Spring Cat Kit box on May 19th. I hope you get your box soon!

  17. Oh nice! I was referring to the spring regular box.

  18. Yup, that's my tummy right now. I'm having a real bad flare up.


  20. My little guy snores like a mini beast and I love it. I can hear it all day. My husband on the other hand I wish I could put him outside when he snores.

  21. Heads up, if you're in the US they are sometimes found at TJMaxx locations. My husband loves the thin mint.

  22. I'm watching right now and I'm crying my ass off...

  23. Spent 4 nights at the Mouraria Lisboa hotel and had things to do in the area for those days and nights. Felt sketchy at night definitely but you just gotta be smart and aware of your surroundings. Don't walk around flaunting things in the middle of the night but that should be common sense anywhere you travel to in the world. Enjoy your trip!

  24. No, we keep majority of plushies in the plastic bins so they don't dusty/dirty

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