Full 12-minute video of previously unreleased videos of January 6 insurrection

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  1. I was a snowbird. Sold my property in the US. Rented it back for this year from the new owner. Not planning to go back after this year, for the same reason I could have gone to Russia for cheap right after they "annexed" Crimea but refused. Get your house in order, until then, I won't reward your behaviour. I voted with my feet. Maybe a small gesture but I'm not into rewarding stupidity. I spend selectively.

  2. I know exactly where this is, I used to have a few clients who lived in that area. Once I saw the sky train and the Staples it was like stepping into the video lol I know that whole intersection. Madison ave in Burnaby

  3. LOL! Ok, I get it! 😂🤣

  4. Thank you for this. The rolls look pretty big. Would this be suitable to cover the keypad on a microwave as well? My microwave is one year old and can already tell that the start key is getting a hole in it already.

  5. Holy cow, that was so hard to watch. Amazing restraint shown by police.

  6. Wow! That's a great deal. The bikes I looked at in BC are WAY over that.

  7. Besf deal i could find! Even cheaper than kijiji ones. Maybe it helped that the dealership was in a tiny town near us haha

  8. Excellent, congrats and enjoy!!!

  9. 1/8”x 2 or 3” toggles and it’s finished

  10. Exactly what I did - so far it seems solid! Thx.

  11. For something that bears a load like a towel rack - it's just not something sheet rock is made to do.

  12. I hope that now you can see why the average Russian thinks Putin is doing the right thing. Russians are being lied to and manipulated.

  13. Yes, I am sure of that, although I don't think it's the majority.

  14. I'm yet to wrap my head around the conditional formatting, I don't know why I find it so hard.

  15. From your original post, the values that get formatted are 0, 1 or X.

  16. You can heat up the bed to a temperature slightly higher than what the piece was printed at and it will come off if you scrape it. Worked for me.

  17. Just read my answer to the other guy. Let there be peace.

  18. It seems entitled that you think I’m hanging on every word you type on Reddit. Spoiler alert: you’re not the main character.

  19. Oh, somebody doesn't know what entitled means....

  20. Wow! That comment is from 3 years ago.

  21. Marlin makes the open source firmware that nearly every printer uses. Marlin has a ton of variables that allow you to tune your machine exactly to your liking. Unfortunately this means it's super daunting, and easy to mess up. TH3D comes along, takes marlin's firmware, and makes it much more user-friendly, especially for beginners. Since marlin is open source, this is completely legal and allowed. TH3D unified firmware is effectively firmware for noobies like you and I.

  22. Thank you so much for your that long answer and all the information. I assume that the TH3D software is available for downloading for a fee?

  23. It's my understanding that the cr-touch is a clone by creality. I'd try to get a genuine one if you can.

  24. You get covid, and you get covid and you get covid! Everyone gets covid!!!!!!!!

  25. How'bout chorizo sausage? LOL!

  26. I loathe StubHub so much!!!

  27. I do have to say Walmart makes it so easy to steal from them now.. and fuck them if they want to pay employees like shit and do self check out to save even more, they can blow me.

  28. Yeah, really good advice. This is just exactly what they're doing to stop douchebags like you. Then you complain. What a loser.

  29. I understand it is infuriating to go through this because you know you were honest but it's their job and they were nice about it. Let them do their job and yes they should apologize and you're both on your way.

  30. Nothing that comes out of India surprises me anymore.

  31. With how much so many of their products stink, this is frankly overdue.

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