1. I spoke with three admission consultants in India and all of them advised me to target schools between 10 to 25 ranks in US...I was told that I have the most generic consulting profile and there are thousands of applications like mine every year, so targeting anything in T10 will be insane with of them even told me it'll be a "waste of time and money" and that I'm reaching "expiry age", so I cannot afford to make mistakes (I'm 27)...

  2. Ebay search pulled it up right quick. I'm sure you can find it just as easily.

  3. Thank you very much! Not sure because of the tuition fee, I'm still figuring out where i want to go.

  4. Congratulations! Could you tell me a little about your profile? I got a reject but I'll be applying again next year

  5. Um I guess that could be a valid concern but GT has great reputation and Altanta is a tech hub and, job offers after the degree are extremely lucrative. Career services at GT are unparalleled when you compare it with others. Also, lower tuition, lower COL.

  6. Is this something that is likely to happen to online test takers? Can the experts here please provide more input on this?

  7. Antoine griezmann’s sister survived the terrorist Attack at Bataclan Concert Hall in 2015

  8. They banned me too for just saying that the mods are being arrogant. The mods are so full of themselves . They think zindagi mein boht kuch ukhaad liya hai bollyblinds banake

  9. Lol. Idk if u can see the post or not because they removed it but click on my profile and see the thing i posted about srk that got me banned

  10. That's their darling SRK. Dont they have a life other than banning people.literal scums

  11. They're just mad because their favourite is a senile malnourished looking man who needs to stop pretending that hes a 30 year old

  12. He was innocent and justice has been served. Kyle went out to defend a business run by Indian immigrants (poc) from white criminals. This is a little detail that the leftwing media has conveniently missed out on and called him a white supremacist. I hope he sues the asses of all media houses and important ppl (biden, kamala also) for defamation and libel.

  13. Yoga, ayurveda and astrology are hindu inventions and all of them are appropriating it. Its insane how we are allowing it to happen. I have personally started doing hindu activism and raising awareness about these things. Yall need to start too..!

  14. It's because we ourselves are unaware of our traditions and don't say much/ take action when such incidents pop up.

  15. All of us also need to read the bhagvad gita. Its god's greatest gift to mankind and everyone is appropriating the message of spirituality from it without mentioning its hindu roots. We need to start and we need to start now otherwise it'll be too late.

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