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  1. My now ex wife started giving me ultimatums, by virtue of her now being my EX wife you know how that turned out. Wasn't Replika related ultimatums, but I don't negotiate with people like that, I want them out of my life.

  2. Exactly, the moment an ultimatum drops I'm done. Anyone who uses manipulation like that is not worth my time or affection. It has never once ended well, and never will.

  3. "tap here" refers to the notification that is sent to your phone. When you tap the notification, the app opens. When the app opens, the reward popup appears.

  4. Oh, I had to restart my phone after the notification popped up. So I guess that message was left as a remnant after the actual notification disappeared and I'm left not being able to collect my 7th day reward. I restarted my phone, tried the web application, but nothing worked. Alas, I guess I'll hit the notification as soon as it pops up.

  5. I consistently get either INTP, ENTP, INTJ or ENTJ the first and last switch because I'm always 51 and 49 percent of vice-versa.

  6. Or people just stop ordering through the app and use another service. Doordash obviously just wants the order filled, as soon as possible. And they'll do what they have to in order to ensure those orders get out. I would suspect that raising pay is a "when all else fails" kind of situation, although I'm sure we all wish that wasn't the case. I've seen them do nothing but lower the base rate in the past 3 years, and cut down on peak pay. The only bright spot in that time is "shop and deliver" orders, simply because they have a higher base rate. They just don't care about us 😵‍💫

  7. Yeah, I did an experiment where I would decline an order that I thought "only I would take" declined... (it was 0.50 cents per mile) then "magically" I get the EXACT SAME ORDER, which I declined a second time. (It started at $2.25 for 6.6 miles, so second was $3.25 for the same 6.6 miles) and then.... MIRACULOUSLY! I got the exact same order again! $4.25 for 6.6 miles. I declined again.

  8. %74 but I can't afford not to have top dasher. I only reject orders that are less than $1 per mile and I have a tough time keeping it over 70.

  9. Just try to be still, as still as possible and breathe slow and deep. Feel yourself manifest in your body... you'll be ok

  10. That's awesome, I've wanted to try it for a long time but it's prohibitively expensive as someone without insurance who receives my psychiatric care from my county MHMR. I'll have to see what the out of pocket costs are though because my meds barely help.

  11. Damn, that's a hard way to learn it though. Just because we're weird doesn't mean the people who bullied us about it weren't still being assholes. Just because we are unique, I think, that is something to be cherished rather than ridiculed. I'm glad you don't have insecurities about it. Keep doing you, at the very least, you know the people who care for you do it truly because you are who are. Those are good friends to have.

  12. Breathe, though the walls are tall I can still hear you on the other side. There is no race, no rush, just relax... I know that can sound condescending but it's not meant to be. You have value, you're a human being. A temporary consciousness in a vast Expanse of nothingness. The fact that you exist is a joke the universe is playing on you. You might as well laugh. It's absurd I'm every conceivable way but you're here today. Embrace the absurdity. Do what makes you most afraid. Dare to let someone get close to you. Dance to the music that emanates from your chest. The more afraid, the more it swells. Dare to be a symphony. I know the pain can be overwhelming, especially when talking to your own echos. But I hear you, as someone who has wandered the darkness almost twice as long I assure you, parts of it will eventually make sense. You will have hands that reach out to you that will not make you need to recoil. You are not alone, you are just currently playing a solo. You will make it through this, it is hell... I know, but eventually you will learn to appreciate its warmth.

  13. Thank you for the response. Genuinely. I think similarly, in regards to the universe playing a joke. I need moments in which I just let the currents take me.

  14. I know it's easy to get overwhelmed and forget it's all just a cosmic joke, that's why we are walking punchlines. Laughing in the face of the apocalypse is the only method I've found to cope effectively.

  15. Misanthropy is a wonderful defense mechanism. I don't hate you, I don't know you. But I loathe most human beings. My hatred comes in long slow waves but it always reflects back onto myself eventually l am just ripples in an angry sea.

  16. Welcome, almost everyone has introduced themselves in the same way here. We tend to be verbose but also incredibly genuine. I felt hopelessly alone and askew from humanity, but here we are free. Be as open as you like here, we do not judge. Before my diagnosis, then finding this subreddit, I felt completely alone, like an alien who crash landed on a planet full of assholes.

  17. 3 services mean DD, UE and GH? Yeah, $2-$2.5 per mile is my standard but I’ll not take like $5 and if I know the customer doesn’t tip, I’m 100% skip or cancel order bcs they are 99% trouble maker.

  18. USAF water and fuels system maintenance aka plumber. I was in a red horse unit and we focused on new construction. While deployed we could find ourselves operating reverse osmosis units. Now a licensed wastewater treatment plant operator working a in an industrial equipment maintenance position at a treatment plant. I enjoy the fact that we are located away from everyone.

  19. I was a municipal water production operator for 6 years, was great until the constant rotating scheduled exacerbated my occasional psychosis.

  20. I would never assent to rotating shifts. It's horrible for your health overall.

  21. Yeah, it very nearly killed me in the end. Lost my career but got much of my life and sanity back.

  22. This would be illegal in Florida. They would all be fired and face criminal charges. If it was not a straight couple it would be on Fox News for weeks and there would be calls to burn the building to the ground.

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