1. Thanks for maintaining compatibility with saves started on a previous patch! Especially getting achievements retroactively is a nice touch (I was afraid I’d have to start a new save for that)

  2. No changes to the driver number fonts when switching teams?

  3. IIRC, on the official bug forum it’s marked as “invalid”. Could be a license issue.

  4. But is he still master of his domain?

  5. I will admit I have never understood PDX's boner for making it so only like 10% of their audience ever even looks at achievements. Total war is one of the other big series I play a lot and it's such a juxtaposition that they let you load the game up with as many crazy mods as you'd like and still unlock achievements.

  6. If I understood it correctly, this changes with Victoria 3. I guess it’s a paradigm change for PDX and all future games will work like that, so let’s wait for Stellaris 2!

  7. I don’t think many will post their 94% set ups on this Reddit.

  8. I might be wrong, but I think it’s on purpose and I agree with that: knowing precipitation down to the exact mm would make strategy calls rather boring. In reality, these decisions are not straightforward and we’ve seen quite a few mess-ups (such as Lando in Russia rather recently), and I’m fine with this being the case in the game as well.

  9. I think it’s a bold decision that they’ve taken, but from what I’ve seen so far, I really like it. I enjoy looking at the terrain features and the buildings and so on, and having a color laid in top of it would reduce the immersion for me. Of course they should add the option to have a different map if it turns out that’s what people want, but I just wanted to go on record as somebody who likes the map as it is now.

  10. Oh, that somehow sounds serious but then again he was released very quickly. Is that because athletes have a different constitution compared to the rest of us?

  11. Looks like the FOM TV crew has missed again a lot of overtakes.....

  12. It’s weird that for years F1 has worked hard on improving overtaking and then they only show us half of the overtakes that happen.

  13. Will Buxton: Perez “is in the milieu”, lol. But Leclerc is the avant-garde, and Verstappen has this je ne sais quoi

  14. Public perception is hard to judge in the times of social media, because on reddit and Twitter, the most vocal voices will likely be the critical ones (while everybody else is actually playing the game or isn’t even on this sub to begin with).

  15. This whole situation with Mick has made me dislike Haas

  16. In their early years, I thought Haas were an exciting addition to the grid, and I was afraid that Gene might pull the plug.

  17. Aren’t there chemicals on the inside of those lids that might get into your tea if you reuse it? It’s probably just a super teeny tiny amount, but I’d be interested in comments by people who are knowledgeable in these things.

  18. All of the research you will find will be on long term contact with the lids. Like 6 months or more. To worry about tea in a strainer sitting there for a hour or two is utterly absurd.

  19. That would be the most anticlimactic conclusion to this silly season. At least give us one out of Ricciardo, Schumacher and Herta!

  20. A little bit of context: Beethoven apparently got news that a shipment of wine had arrived. Too bad indeed.

  21. If a lot of cars take penalties, at least we get a good qualifying, because it can still make a difference of a few starting rows.

  22. During FP2 (Edit: of the Dutch GP), the F1TV commentators mentioned rumors linking a new manufacturer and Williams.

  23. Is it Mario Andretti with a fake moustache and glasses?

  24. With everything that went on, it’s probably Wario.

  25. You’ll probably get it an hour or so after release.

  26. Smart decision to first enjoy two weeks of silence.

  27. People should be saying what they do on Reddit as a review. Still has mostly positive reviews as I just looked.

  28. People should be saying what they want - but not everybody needs to open a new thread each time. The interesting of this sub get drowned in a sea of endless repetitions of the same posts.

  29. Haas is really bad. And then they question why Mick not being better, when they definitely not helping with this stupid strategies. If you want to pit that early, why not start with soft. The reason why you put on a medium is so that you can run longer than the soft. If you put that early you lost that advantage. Clowns

  30. I really don’t understand how Haas keeps getting worse every year. They started relatively well (with some mistakes obviously, like those in Melbourne), but their car, their pit stops, their strategy... everything got worse each year.

  31. If that puts him behind Stroll, that would still be in the top 10, Crofty

  32. I think the Sky commentators are overestimating Hamilton’s chances to win this race. A Verstappen win was likely under all SC and no SC scenarios

  33. Two posts of this happening in 24 hours. Hmmmm

  34. And I’ve seen this years ago. Probably karma bots

  35. The quote at the top was what Luca Brasi planned to say. When he actually spoke to the Godfather he said: "Don Corleone, I am honored and grateful that you have invited me to your daughter... 's wedding... on the day of your daughter's wedding. And I hope their first child be a masculine child. I pledge my ever-ending loyalty."

  36. The great thing is that his fumbled show of respect was accepted by the Don, whereas others who showed up in the back office were articulate but disrespectful.

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