Boston dynamics 30 years of development that led to their robot Atlas

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  1. Interesting, I mean if you remembering like the opening night prison scene, Hadley beats the fat guy merciously, then the next day you find out that they just left him and the infirmary overnight and he just died. While we don't know what he did, he was defenseless, he was scared, and while he took a beating which could maybe be justified by saying that's how prisons work and at least some of the first you blows were non-lethal, Hadley continue to beat him while he was essentially incapable of getting up or even protecting himself. It was brutal and very unnecessary. While he was obviously put in prison, Andy was also put in present and was innocent, so maybe the fat guy was too, or maybe he just did something that was just enough over the line to go to prison instead of jail and they ended up not putting in minimum security, who knows, but he clearly wasn't a hardened criminal. Boggs, while we don't know why he's in prison, clearly shows that he belongs there. Maybe he wasn't always like that, maybe prison made him worse, but he chose to be how he was. While I believe people can be manipulated into something they're not, and being in a situation like prison can wear you until you're a different person, I do not count being a rapist as one of those things that changes you into. If he just took pleasure in hurting others, I could at least buy that might be because he was tortured by the guards or something, although they seem more of just beat the crap out of someone than actually torturing, but it is potentially defendable. Since Boggs chooses to be the way he is, I have no sympathy for him, every time I watch the movie I have never had any sympathy for him. The other two characters I have not had any sympathy for or Hadley and the Warden, the other sisters weren't ever in a situation that you could feel sympathetic towards, since they were more background noise, so I'm not counting them. While I would not say that they are specifically two-dimensional characters, the way that Hadley and the Warden behaves makes it really hard to look past their actions and motivations. I don't know if the books ever really gave them much character development, but I am very much okay that the movie did not really give them any, same with Boggs. While I agree that that scene is very telling that the guards don't show that they care about right or wrong, Hadley is doing it because Andy is useful to them and they're trying to keep Andy more or less okay as long as he stays useful, which is why I don't think they destroyed the books when he was defiant with the record scene. Yes, they had to punish him, but if they destroyed his library then he would have no real motivation to do anything that he was doing before, maybe they could beat him to try to force him to comply, but Hadley has often shown that he takes it too far, justified or not.

  2. For me it's the music scene. There's a strong theme in the movie about dehumanising people. The guards and the warden don't see the prisoners as humans. They might as well be caring for a box of rats. The music scene in particular highlights that for me. Making, listening to, and enjoying music is inherently human. The prison forbids prisoners to listen to music. When Andy plays music for all the prisoners to listen to it's an act of humanising them.

  3. Boston dynamics has said repeatedly they will not create weaponized robots. It’s listed as a core ethics principal of the company. I’m sure somebody else is going to make them, but it won’t be Boston dynamics.

  4. Take a small weight, a 2.5-5kg kettlebell or something. Hold it in your hands. Squat down(!) and find your bottom position. Sit there for a while and get comfortable. Repeat this every single time you squat.

  5. Pro tip: any heal spell will do half their damage and stun them enough for you to cast the second.

  6. Stop supporting fascist movements and toxic masculinity. They seem to go hand in hand.

  7. I loved how they made orcs scary again in the show, very well done!

  8. Best scene in the entire show so far was Adar comforting a dying Orc. The most dramatic, well acted and emotional scene compared to everything else we've seen up to this point.

  9. The issue is that it's attached to LotR so it needs to be great or will be judged as being bad.

  10. I couldn't care less what they call it or what franchise they attach it to. The show is bad no matter how you twist and turn it.

  11. Galadriel is one of the oldest elves in Middle-Earth. She is described as "the mightiest and fairest of all the Elves that remained in Middle-earth" in the Silmarillion and the "greatest of Elven women" in the LotR appendix. Her grandfather was not “born” but was created and “awoke” Adam-in-the-Garden-of-Eden style. He is the king of the Noldor – one of the few great branches of Elven kin – and he was killed by Melkor / Morgoth in Valinor. Her oldest uncle is Feanor, who succeeded to the high kingship of the Noldor and who created the Silmarils and then died on a quest for vengeance in Middle-Earth, her other uncle Fingolfin is a king of Noldor in Middle-Earth, and her father is a king of Noldor in Valinor.

  12. Well put. There are other examples when the writers are trying to infantilize Galadriel. For example when speaking to Elendil he tells her that she reminds him of his two teenage children. I'm sure the writers believes that they are creating a moment where Elendil bonds with Galadriel but in reality it would have been extremely insulting to compare a 2,000 year old woman to a teenage child. Poor and lazy writing..

  13. In the back squat, are you gripping the bar? Like a full grip. It looks like you have an open palm.

  14. Favorite writer moment so far has been when Elendil casually infantilize Galadriel by comparing her to his two teenage children. A woman that both outrank him and has about 2000 year's more life experience "reminds him of his children".

  15. If the confirmed orders are not in multiples of 100's or even 1000's I would not buy. You have to be extremely careful with what you buy from aliexpress. An enormous amount of "confirmed" orders and reviews are fake. There's a reason why Chinese skyscrapers have a tendency of spontaneously collapsing every now and then. Everyone is trying to make a quick buck.

  16. That looks like only the glue gave out. If you want new shoes you can just buy them whenever you want.

  17. I don't understand. You made the lift in the video. But you ask if you need to improve speed or strength in order to make the lift you just made?

  18. She's absolutely amazing. Been subscribing to her channel for some time now.

  19. I enjoyed Predators, it was decent, flawed but decent. Laurence Fishbourne was great. This new one was great and simple, but I was a bit at a loss about something that could kill a grizzly could be completely out matched by a 40kg puny human. Especially after Arnold’s character had such a tough time to finally defeat it. I just wish they made it a bit more “realistic” where she maybe used traps etc or the grizzly (if it wasn’t killed so soon) to kind of get to the Predator. But all in all a solid pop corn flick.

  20. The whole setup of the first movie is that you can't fight the predator head on. No matter how big or badass you are. Arnold won because he stopped trying to fight it and instead tried to outsmart it. The same that Naru did. It's the exact same premise.

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