1. Opi-suomea podcast on Spotify. There are transcripts on her website too.

  2. The Kesäyliopisto of Oulu has reasonably priced Finnish classes but they usually require a copy of Hyvin Menee 1 or 2 which are expensive but you can find a pdf copy online probably.

  3. Paris for One & Other Stories by JoJo Moyes. I live overseas and missed reading in English so I got something light to start the year.

  4. This is really the straw that broke the camel’s back. It’s another event in a long pattern of being disregarded and disrespected.

  5. You yourself are saying you feel uncomfortable. Ten years of friendship is not a good reason to spend time with someone who makes you feel comfortable. You can not justify feelings of being uncomfortable and make them go away. Listen to your body and listen to what this person is demanding of you. Don’t give him a chance to do anything worse than he already has.

  6. There was no space for my feelings or problems. Any problems came back to how nmom was a victim as a child with her own parents and the conversation was shut down by her crying. She still does this. It’s a fucking joke. We are VLC right now and I will cut contact once I can get my stuff from her house one day (I moved overseas)

  7. Keep a box of matches in the toilet to strike when you’re finished. It helps mask the smell.

  8. Why would he change anything if he’s got everything he wants with minimal effort. Be generous doesn’t mean you can’t have boundaries. Also did you decide all of this for him or did he ask for your help and support?

  9. I had to heavily modify the workouts in the first book until maybe week six. The hiit style workouts were lasting 40 minutes and it was boring and exhausting. It was a good workout but just not worth it when I can get the same results from easier things.

  10. Just saying, looking at the rules of the subreddit is giving me a headache. What can you actually post?

  11. I just try to connect with whatever gives me comfort and then make it a bit more special.

  12. I don’t dislike anything about myself but I know that ‘conventionally’ some things are more acceptable. Like I don’t mind most of my body hair except one area where it’s actually physically uncomfortable when it grows. But I know it’s conventionally attractive to have minimal hair so I remove my body hair. So maybe go through your features and try something by new on everything and see what you like. Maybe try a glossy hair treatment or lash serum etc. Do your eyebrows in a new way or lighten something. Anything that feels good to you is worth doing. Soft maxxing can elevate your general glow and improve your whole appearance/vibe. There are a lot of good tips on here so just search some keywords and try the ideas.

  13. I have a scar on one eyebrow so sometimes it looks like an arch and other times I looks like I’ve made tracks 😂 Eyebrows should be sisters, not twins anyways.

  14. It’s weird that when I think of my features individually, none of them are particularly special but overall they somehow go together well. I have big calves, big nose, big chin, pimples, massive feet etc etc Try to think of the big picture and work to harmonise the features.

  15. I just wanted to add that if you watch a video with Finnish subtitles, watch it once without subtitles, once with subtitles and then watch it again but this time pausing to write down and translate the words you don’t know before then watching it a last time without subtitles. This is a really quick way to do some valuable study when you’re not sure what to study. It trains listening comprehension, gives opportunities to search the relevant grammar and learn new vocabulary in context.

  16. I had a listen to her from your recommendation, it's still a little advanced for me as I'm still not finished with the Duolingo course, but it sounds like it will be great when I have a bit more vocab! Does she use puhukieli or the more formal/written Finnish do you know?

  17. She uses a more formal Finnish. Everyone has their own opinion but for when I learned Italian and now Finnish, I found it easier to begin from the standard forms and then learn the patterns of how the spoken way is formed.

  18. I go to ice hockey games (or whatever your local sport is). If you can’t afford tickets regularly, watch the games in bars. It feels weird but it’s nice.

  19. I love my butt, healthy thick hair and I’m really happy that my skin is clearing up.

  20. I break off the pieces with my fingers and pop them in my mouth rather than eating the banana directly.

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