1. May not be helpful, but have you really considered anything other than white or black?

  2. We picked up our shiba inu puppy from David 5 weeks ago and it was the best experience and the vet said that our puppy was very healthy! (Which he said was unusual) David absolutely loves those dogs and they're well taken care of, I believe his family is either Amish or Mennonite and they have been doing this since 2005! We got pictures staring from week 4 and got to see our dog grow up! Definitely not a puppy mill and not backyard breeding! We waited for about 6 months but it was 100% worth it to wait for the companion of a life time 🥰.

  3. Thank you for your response! Sorry for the late reply, but actually we picked up our Shiba puppy from David at the same time! She might be your Shiba’s sister!!!

  4. We went to visit with David and his family yesterday. We are looking to purchase on of his puppies as well. How is your pup doing these days?

  5. She is doing great! The only “bad” thing is that she is quite stubborn as other Shibas.

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