1. I actually had to do a thesis on this. Statistically speaking Talkings Heads fans get the most head. Car Seat Headrest are nearly the LGBT equivalent. Radiohead fans get and give the worst head for obvious reasons. Motörhead gets slightly more than Machinehead but both get average amounts. Portishead fans prefer to get their ass ate.

  2. The thing about space that always freaks me out is any way you go up from planet earth there is no point a to b. It’s straight up for infinite amounts of distance.

  3. I want action Andretti to be the one to retire him when the time comes

  4. And the mountain goats aren’t even real goats let alone mountain ones

  5. Yea I’ve had this happen. Happened at work no less those fuckers hurt like hell and the blood gets everywhere

  6. There are about 40k balloons here, if anyone is interested

  7. I started with alcohol moved to weed pit stopped at acid and peaked at coke. Now it’s strictly clean living and cigarettes for me!

  8. this makes no sense lol, pavement > Wilco tracks but Wilco fans just go through the alt country pipeline via every band Jeff tweedy was in, get really into old 97s, then become boring “real country fans” the byrds, John prine, Townes, blaze foley, James McMurtry, etc

  9. Belle and Sebastian if you want whimsy in your music. NMH if you have a thing for Anne frank and black country new road if you wanna annoy a not small portion of ppl

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