1. Push the pod down with your front teeth a little while you are hitting it. I’ve had a couple like this

  2. I really liked Pax Era pods before in the past but, I could never get all the distillate out of them! I always remember seeing a significant amount left in the pods and I had the same issue as you, nothing will come out it’s like the leftover oil wouldn’t saturate the coils. I’ve even had them clog on me too. My solution to the problem was the switch to a luster pod system instead .. glad I did. Will they take it back? Probably not when you’ve used that much already but it’s worth a shot if you have the extra time on your hands! I really like the Pax era device due to it’s lowkey stealthy design but the problems don’t make it worth it to me. They should redesign their pods.

  3. I’ve read through this whole post and comments and I came here to say, do you even look at the label when you purchase your products? That’s your own mistake doesn’t matter what it said it is online. I’ve had things say this online and then when I look at the product it’s something completely different. Only advice I have for you is to read the labels. I got tricked by a Cresco “Live Resin” cart that was misleading and actually was Distillate with added botanicals ($80 fucking dollars) and ever since then I ALWAYS read the label and ingredients of the physical product in hand. Sorry this happened to you.. live and learn.

  4. Yes I keep coming back around to that, read the label. If I even decide to shop at the dispo again for concentrates I'm going to scan over everything. All I want to say, is that just because I didn't see the CBG on the label when I looked, it doesn't mean that all of these things I'm complaining about aren't issues. They are all issues and they stem from the THC potency cap that the state has in place.

  5. Right, it does not need to be this hard for us to get medicine we want and need. It’s fucked up

  6. You have to get approved by the doctor again and then you have to also pay the board of pharmacy. So the answer is yes you have to pay both again but, it shouldn’t be $300 for a renewal appointment through whoever you used… that’s ridiculous, try to use someone else like Ohio cannabis connection, Telemed. I paid $100 to renew both. When I initially got approved, I payed $150 which was 2 years ago.

  7. I can tell you the difference right now as im writing this. Right now I feel a great body buzz as I lay in bed. It’s very relaxing but also leaving my mind stimulated with creative thoughts and just silencing my mind at the same time if that makes any sense. Very comfortable and mellow high. I’m vaping a ‘Hybrid’ Chem OG one of my favorite strains in the Pax 3 due to the favorable effects it produces. I got my father who has combusted joints and bowls, etc his entire life to begin using a Pax 3 and now he wont keep his hands off it. He quit smoking cigarettes recently due to blood clots and it’s helping him since it’s better on his lungs and gives him something to do instead of giving in to smoking a cig. Oh and by the way, im “staring into space” high from my Pax 3 now and every other time I decide to use it! The best part is , you also save your ‘bud, flower, weed’ by far compared to joints , bowls etc. you control how much you ingest everytime. It is possible to get “too high” but not very easy since you take light hits. It just has a small learning curve but once you get it down, you will have fallen in love before you know it ❤️ Love you PAX 3. I would personally say vaping is in between an edible and combustion high, best of both worlds in my opinion!! So far, i have converted two people to vaping and they love it. If somebody says they don’t like the device its self then its prolly the boo-boo they’re trying to vape through it😂 LAST THING … save your money, dont buy the complete kit… buy Budkups instead, thank me later ;) oh and on the budkups just purchase the budkups and the little carrying container they come in.. dont buy the “complete budkups kit” either. I would also mention, be sure to save your spent vaped material so you can make edibles with it!!!!

  8. Does budkupz help with the loose weed and more usage of it to fill up the full oven lid? I do not have the half size one and it getting me to boost 0.4-0.6 each session...

  9. Right. With budkups, you can put any where between ~.005gram - 1gram+~ I find the half pack lid to still be too much herb, depending on the THC content of the weed. If you decide to use budkups please make sure to watch an informatal video on it to be sure you are using them correctly. Anything over .2-.3 is too much for me. Remember, less is more. more money you save, more healthier on your lungs. Vape on 👍🏻

  10. As the bot says, the test cannot tell the difference between traditional cannabis and d8.

  11. It’s funny you say this.. i weigh 135 and used for 7 years straight then had a drug test (pee test) and was able to pass with only refraining for 4 days prior by simply drinking water and urinating 5-8 times a day.. everyones metabolism is different !

  12. cold temperature would cause you cannabis oil to thicken, even on the coil. When the coil heats up you’ll probably get a hit of whatever is soaked into the coil. Be careful hitting it consecutively while cold because it will take longer for the oil to saturate the coil again, which could damage it!

  13. been wondering about this one. i just got kush mints and it literally makes my face feel like its melting off, in a good way!

  14. Nicee. I would have to drink 8 of those to feel anything, personally.

  15. It’s amazing how different strains you can really taste the variety of flavors. The effects are amazing too when vaping! So much more efficient on your supply and you get every last drop of goodness extracted from the medicine, love it ! Glad you like it, enjoy! I always save up about a half Oz of vaped bud and infuse 2 sticks of butter to make snickerdoodle cookies and get around a months supply of potent edibles.. vaping is a no brainer to me. Rant overrr

  16. Depends on which PAX you are talking about.. there is the PAX 1, PAX 2 and PAX 3 which do flower and PAX 3 has a concentrate option accessory aswell.. Then you have the Pax Era line which use propriotiary pods that contain THC extract. This is not a weird question, it’s actually a good one!

  17. okay if i just want to put my flower in there and use it, what’s the best option for starting out?

  18. I like the PAX 3. Bro imma just be straught up i fukn love my PAX 3! I use it on the daily and i use budkups with it. It saves me so much medicine and i can even use the vaped bud to make edibles. Its a great experience. If you have any questions feel free to dm me

  19. I find that it smells a little but the scent doesn't linger at all. I smoke inside and keep it in my room and no one has ever realised or noticed a smell.

  20. The pax is stinky. I wouldn’t be concerned as long as you don’t blow the vapor directly into a smoke detector. Anybody that knows the smell of marijuana will definitely know you are using if you don’t ventilate to the outside. I recommend setting up a nice little comfy sesh spot by a window and try to blow the vapour out and light a candle/incense. Will your neighbors be able to tell?, well, it depends… most likely no.

  21. Budkups bro/sister… You can literally put way less than the half pack lid in it and it works even better i think. Look them up “Budkups” online for the PAX2/3. Each kup can hold any where between .1 of a gram to half a gram! It allows you to use way less flower.

  22. It makes no financial sense. You will spend $200 before you are even able to walk in and purchase any ‘medicine’. The medical maryJ is not too bad.. the prices are. Its decent stuff but… the max THC percentage for extracts and concentrates is about 72% which is really lame in my opinion. Michigan and many other states limit is around 92%+ which is mildy frustrating considering the high prices here in ohio. That 20% difference is huge from my personal experience. Better than nothing I guess

  23. thanks man, yeah i have studied suicide a lot since then. Sometimes its almost random, (at least to us) and there are many different reasons for it. You never know what is going on in someone's mind. my family didn't know, except I was a little sad. I think one of the main reasons is a feeling of helplessness. That there is no way to change anything, and so desperate people do it. I decided to not listen to my "mind" "soul" whatever part of my being that felt helpless. I said "No! I will change my life, I will not accept defeat!" I decided to become a hardcore Christian and see what life could be if i really did believe in God. I now have a degree in Theology. (Even though I am not a pastor). Life has been crazy and wild for me. I live with a bit more risk than most. I chose life everyday. Although I have anxiety, which D8 helps with. anyways I'm 75mg in and the edibles are starting to kick in.

  24. I had a cousin (19) that commited suicide that was attending Miami University at the time about 3 years ago.. we were best friends and lived about 15 minutes apart and we’d always kick it on the weekends and chill. I got a text from him the day he commited saying “i love you and i’ll miss you man, sorry for not letting you know what was going on”. I guess l will never really get the answers but i just have to say , its the wrong path to take! I have a daughter thats a year and a half that i wish could have met him and been in his life. Miss that dude everyday its hard for my family to not have him here. Never seen it coming either, we hungout the day before it happened, he was happy and go-lucky. You just never know about people on the inside thats why its always good to make an attempt and just see how somebodys is doing. Glad you are still here with us OP!

  25. Best advice right here; Right now drink water and piss non-stop for the next week until your test. The day of the test, piss like 5 times before your test, the more the better.. cross your fingers you are diluted enough to pass, which you most likely will. SWIM passed a test in 3 days (due to fast metabolism) after using for a year straight with this method. No need to spend money on any sort of Detox.. just drink cold brew tea or water non-stop all day everyday

  26. Horrible advice. So bad. A diluted sample will be rejected.

  27. Inconclusive. Are you saying that its against some sort of rule for someone to be healthy and drink plenty of water? This is great advice considering the fact that you’re using drugs in the first place and you don’t have Very many options at this point, at least this gives you a chance to pass. Better than nothing Truebug2020.. got better advice than that? THC isn’t water soluble

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