1. I wonder if the ladies she didn’t interview were the retakes as she dissed the Royal family in the originals?

  2. I have a coworker; Jason, who LOVES her and it’s terribly annoying to say the least lol.

  3. Restaurants in Oshawa, Whitby & Clarington, I think is the name of the group but I have seen other bake shops, charcuterie-creators etc. post there all the time!

  4. Ah yes yes, I’m a member but never posted on there. Sometimes it feels weird as home bakery because I don’t have a shop.

  5. You can always start the post; ‘admin: if not allowed, please delete’ 🙂. I don’t think they will though. I see a lot of FB looking for suggestions so why not?! 😃

  6. The UP is like 18 minutes and honestly more comfortable than a cab or Uber. I always use the up when visiting Toronto. Try it

  7. We couldn’t believe how convenient taking the Go and Up from Whitby was!

  8. Went back to college at age 44 to get my realtor license ((: hadn’t been in school for 25+ years and I did it!

  9. I think I read; when Johnny Depp’s Mum died, he saw the light and decided to serve Heard with divorce paperwork. I am hoping Harry will see this light too? Perhaps not, but if he does, he’s in for a long fight. She will accuse him of so much nastiness that I think he will just break.

  10. Durham Dog Groomers are AMAZING! It’s cage free and we love but we were weary as my mini-Goldendoodle had a lot of anxiety. It’s the only groomers he likes. We take him every couple of months and their pricing is great too!

  11. I started but never got into it. I will now and thank you for your review 😃

  12. Wouldn’t be surprised if the next one is a woman 🤔

  13. I honestly do not think those are her own locks.

  14. I don’t think it’s even her lol

  15. How exciting for you! Congrats on your license! Are you liking real estate so far??

  16. Thank you! It’s definitely been a slow start as I am working full time so not sure if it’s going to be a part time hobby or hustle at this point lol

  17. I'm also an agent. My first year was crickets. Hang in there! It's a lot of fun when things get rolling.

  18. Thank you and I will. I think I will take the rest of this year to prepare more and then do a real push February/March 2023!

  19. I have thought so for awhile now and I am ALLL here for it lol. I think William and Catherine have put up with a lot from them and this is such a great way to prove points to TW 😍

  20. I have always liked him. Always seemed pretty genuine and really in love with her. I LOVED when he stood up to Davina 😍

  21. I thought it was about Eugenie’s husband lol

  22. 🇨🇦 Why a Canadian law firm thing? Lol. The show was ‘based’ in New York City just filmed in Toronto (cheaper). Lol it was on USA Network

  23. I loved the way they made Toronto stand in for NYC

  24. Me too! The cinematography I thought was done really well 😍

  25. I’ve done a google search for “meal delivery Markham” and come up with these two companies. I’ve never used them, but this seems like it might be what you are looking for. I’m not sure if they fit into the affordable category, but everyone has their own definition.

  26. My husband works as a construction plumber doing a lot of renovations/new builds for grocery stores (especially the Loblaw banner) and he completely refuses to purchase any of the ready-made meals. Apparently, it is the most disgusting scene you could ever encounter. I have in the past suggested it a few times as it can’t be that bad and we are in a bind for dinner and he’s all nope, never, I will starve :|

  27. “Is he kind?” One of her most evil and contrived sentences of all time. Was that the one you meant? Lol just curious

  28. Absolutely haha Just sounds so patronizing

  29. Do you feel pretty gross in the afternoon after taking it? I find it quite nauseating and fatiguing, but I've heard those side effects subside?

  30. Yes, my side effects weren’t that great for sure and even now, I get really dried skin, especially my ring finger. It honestly makes me want to stop taking it but I do love being able to have a couple of drinks and not getting drunk. I haven’t had a hangover in over 4 years and it’s seems to outweigh the alternatives 🙂

  31. She seems to overact the parts that are meant to be somewhat mellow and is exceptionally bland when she needs to express emotions? I can’t put my finger on it to be honest and i’m not sore by any means that she’s Sophia Bush’s replacement at all; it’s just her I feel is off. I love Sylvie and Stella on Fire…..I think perhaps Hailey doesn’t seem very organic? I really wanted to like her too!

  32. I can’t watch it since Tracy came along……terrible actress lol (down votes; incoming!! Haha)

  33. I went down from 50mg/day to 25mg/day to every other day but had to go back to once a day. I decided that I needed some additional help as I felt like I was drinking too much. I started doing hypnotherapy via audio tools and oh boy; how well it’s been working!! I fall asleep a lot during the 25-30 minute sessions however my consumption has cut back so much, it’s kinda unbelievable!! ♥️

  34. I like don’t rlly understand why Sum people don’t and “can’t finish” it bc of one character

  35. I know I know…..I am watching still but find during her scenes playing wordle or some other game on my phone haha

  36. We have found white oaks animal hospital at Dundas just east of Lakeridge in Whitby to be pretty great. They seem to typically not charge for the examination if you are having to pay for meds and then add the exam in the follow up appointment but no additional charges. We were originally at the Hopkins animal hospital previously however there were always different doctors for every appointment; one discouraged neutering, the other months later reprimanded us for not neutering yet… was weird. A couple of the assistants that worked out front were pretty rude too :/

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