1. NTA about setting boundaries in your place of comfort but maybe you should take a step back and think about why you can’t have someone wearing something as non provocative as a normal ass nightgown in front of your husband without it causing problems. If you can’t trust him then maybe you shouldn’t have married him 🤷🏻‍♀️ just a thought

  2. My autistic boyfriend and his two autistic brothers use the “r word” all the time and do not give a single shit if it’s used unless it’s a direct insult towards them. This woman, as someone who is obviously high functioning, does not have the right to assume wether or not someone is autistic enough to use that word.

  3. “My husband died of cancer so I inspired others with my sub par exercise routine that didn’t change my body whatsoever” “did I mention I have an activewear line as useless as my workouts?”

  4. Went to school with them, they are kind but also proof that anyone can get into Parsons as long as you have money/connections… like SHOCKINGLY unintelligent

  5. I feel as though being born into a life where you are basically set no matter how you do in terms of school and work is a lifestyle that doesn’t inspire intelligence, I’ve not once met nor seen a nepotism rich young person who is either interesting or intelligent and it’s because they don’t have to be to reach current societies view of success

  6. Better off without her and her cavernous pussy that's needs huge dicks, apparently.

  7. Fun fact: vaginas are a muscle and this post is hypothetical

  8. Ah yes, cheating on someone and potentially ruining their self worth is SO much easier than inconveniencing yourself with talking about it like adults or breaking up with them. cheaters are scum and deserve no love in their lives no matter what excuse they may conjure up so they feel better about being trash

  9. It’s definitely not a funnel web spider but it is a funnel shaped web

  10. If it were a real funnel web I wouldn’t get that close to it ever

  11. I can clearly see why she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Sounds harsh but I hope she gets cheated on by someone she loves and trusts, then maybe she’ll know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of whores like her

  12. I’m sure if he asked a younger 2005 onwards gen Z he’d get more excitement but a lot of older people, even if they watch tik toks here and there, are not going to give two flying fucks about someone who got famous from doing mediocre dances and POV style videos

  13. Weird thing to have as an emoji. But also that being said jizz is not even close to a comparable with period blood OP smh. That’s like saying “if women can bleed all day into a pad why can’t I masturbate in public into a pad?”

  14. True. But either way it needs arousal right? You’re just dreaming of it with a wet dream

  15. That is terrifying and probably the start of a stalking case, please call the police and anyone who can protect you

  16. Lol that was Bryce’s next line after Bacardi

  17. It sure fuckin does, almost all of my insecurities now are based in horrible stuff people said to me as a “joke” when I was in school and even now from my partners brothers. The main issue with it is if you stand up for yourself OR roast them back with something equally personal they will say you can’t take a joke or get offended themselves because they can dish it out but can’t take it.

  18. BMW and Mercedes’ drivers are notorious for having small dick energy, and not being able to drive/ park to an acceptable standard so they’re red flag car nonetheless

  19. Yet again womens bodies become an unattainable “trend” just in time for younger generations to see what’s desirable on instagram and compare themselves to it.

  20. I think it’s more the rating and criticising of the body, which is understandably douchey.

  21. I fully believe the Virgin Mary wasn’t a virgin, and hid something from Joseph wether it be her fault or not her fault. The three dudes showing up with gifts? Sus.

  22. Nah, she had premarital sex with Joseph, and the concocted a lie to save her life.

  23. That’s the most plausible thing that happened. This just in kids Jesus was born of sin and his father is Joseph not a man in the sky

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