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  1. You made me search up the character and i only have to ask one thing. Why the fuck do the Japanese have to fetishize mental health.

  2. Because everyone there is mentally ill thanks to overworking and bullying i suppose

  3. Also the only G7 nation left to still not recognise gay marriage, requires cameras to emit a loud sound to notify others a picture is being taken due to the amount of peeping taking place, requiring women only carriages on trains due to the amount of sexual harassment they face etc....

  4. You should make one for "her papi had a heart attack today" SLURPS "life is so short"

  5. You didn’t even include the box art recreation? For shame.

  6. Damn i just found it in the depths of my gallery and tought hey this would fit in the thomastheplank subreddit

  7. Ummm excuse me lady but the furby is a jester not a clown 😤😤/s

  8. But what was the time frame between the photos? Not that I like her but she did lose quite a bit of weight.

  9. They are both from a year ago if i remember correctly

  10. Dirt,glass and walls Wasn't poor or anything just had Pica

  11. Reminds me of that meme where a black guy posted the top image wrt “having to shoot Tony Hawk in the Race War” and Tony Hawk replied “I appreciate the reluctance” on twitter

  12. I'm pretty sure that was what my dream was based around lol

  13. Shout out to tiz from bravely default and second for being my first videogane gender envy

  14. Those japanese strawberries are big business

  15. Fun fact: the japanese term for strawberry picking is strawberry hunting!

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