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  1. When was this/what happened? I stopped watching a while ago

  2. It wasn’t on the show. Just look up Houston zoo on the main sub and there’s lots that comes up.

  3. Featuring a strategically placed cactus…

  4. I don’t know why but Cumin Nutmeg & Cinnamon is so funny to me

  5. I think we all know who did it better 🤷‍♀️

  6. God there’s just so many gay songs to choose from, it’s overwhelming.

  7. This kind of tracks, there was another blind about Devin Booker recently that said he was “selfish in bed”… I guess if he only lasts a minute??

  8. Love the coat. She looks great. Travis looks like the dude who snowplows my driveway in the winter.

  9. I thought this but I didn’t want to sound “Stan” about Kim cause I actually don’t like her. But let me explain.

  10. I think a lot of people who haven’t actually gone through a divorce really underestimate how stressful divorces are. It’s not uncommon to drop weight from stress - it’s called the “divorce diet”.

  11. Yup, this video makes it look like she’s shitting and puking. Attractive.

  12. Wait wait wait, I wanna look into this. Any pics that kinda look like she’s tweaking a little? What makes you think adderall and not another type of drug?

  13. Have you seen her latest Instagram video? Someone posted on here earlier today. Looking at her face, and the overall weird vibe of the video, I’d be shocked if she’s not on drugs.

  14. It was only because of Kim that the family has this kind of reach and influence today.

  15. But Kim wouldn’t be anywhere near as famous without the rest of her family.

  16. Kim is a narcissist and she’s only getting worse. She feels like her family owes her for giving them their careers but she forgets that she wouldn’t have gotten this far without them making the show too. People were interested because of Bruce and Kris made the whole show happen. She also has to be Kris’s favorite. In earlier seasons she wanted little to do with her sisters business wise. She wanted everything to be about her and I know it kind of kills her that everyone else in her family is also rich and successful and I just know she screamed when Kylie was “richer” than her. She had to make it about her when Kylie was opening her birthday presents and she broke up with Pete around the same time khloes baby news was released.

  17. It honestly must really suck for Kim, because if her and Kanye were the healthiest, best versions of themselves and could have stuck together, they could have been on top of the world for a long time. Unfortunately life can be a bitch, and doesn’t always work out the way you hoped, and no amount of money can change that.

  18. I literally cannot look at this picture anymore. It’s bumming me out.

  19. Right, like poor Stormi’s out here just fucking fending for herself.

  20. Lol she’s right there. She barely took a sip and still couldn’t handle it 😭

  21. It didn’t even look like she was taking a straight shot. It looks like she took a sip of a margarita and then chased it with water 💀

  22. the margarita looking drink is just chaser, prob pineapple juice. the ‘water’ was the shot, prob tequila lol

  23. Thank you for clarifying. I was so confused.

  24. There are scrunchies you can buy on Amazon that have little zippers in them so you can hold bobby pins and stuff. I bought a pack of three cause it’s an easy and discreet way to hide crystals, if you’re into that.

  25. I always thought it was weird that the blind item about a “west coast housewife having an affair with the husband of another housewife” came out like the DAY after the episode aired where Dorit kissed Mo’s shoulder. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re all in on it, intentionally stirring up rumours to keep people watching. It wouldn’t shock me if Mauricio has cheated on Kyle but I kind of doubt he’d be dumb enough to cheat with Dorit, especially since they’re so close with Dorit and PK.

  26. That’s why I posted. I 100% think Bravo are creating this added drama

  27. Especially with the rumours that Kyle is an unofficial producer, or at least in very tight with production.

  28. I cannot picture them having this conversation. Did Kris write this and then send it in?

  29. Really? That’s your takeaway? Not chronic underfunding for the last couple of decades? Our ERs were strained well before COVID and without funding it’ll just get worse. Anti vaxxers are a small part of the overall equation.

  30. Seriously. This is bigger than antivaxxers.

  31. Yup. Might as well pit Canadians against each other instead of looking at the real issue.

  32. What about True? What’s their custody agreement for her? Joint?

  33. Was this photoshoot done in a sewer?

  34. Brighten, hydrate, and glow like a drowning sewer rat ✨

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