1. I relate to what you wrote, my siblings know that we had a dysfunctional upbrining but they see the pain of estrangement as worse for my parents then anything that has happened to me and they believe that I’m selfish and wrong for cutting off contact.

  2. It’s 3:33am in the UK and I can’t sleep because I feel so sad for people with uteruses (including those in Ireland, Poland and other banned abortion countries) who can’t access health care. I’m not just sad, I’m fuming, I’m angry and pissed and I can’t tell you the hatred I feel towards “pro lifers” right now. Especially when I see footage of them celebrating. It makes me sick.

  3. Unlikely to fade more, fully healed scars are white. They may flatten more over time but unlikely. If you like tattoos that may be an option, you can barely see my scars now with my tattoos

  4. 6 years, I had probably started emotionally detaching 2 years before we ended. We ended up being room mates, we never did anything together unless it involved going to his parents house which I was the one to plan, he would play his video games all day every day and he was also never emotionally supportive. He wasn’t a bad guy just not the guy for me.

  5. I picked this up also, I feel guilty and bad now about people I’ve put down. I try to avoid gossip now.

  6. I was rebellious from about 14 years old, It wasn’t good. Looking back now I honestly don’t think I was the worst, I never got in trouble with the law and was good at school and outside of the home. My friends parents liked me and on a few occasions they would invite me away with them on their family holidays so I couldn’t have been that bad!

  7. Facebook is a good place to find support pages, every so often I join one and then quickly leave because it’s full of nonsense

  8. Pap smear test and not because it was painful, it was actually painless and quick but I hated every single second of it. I cried…a lot. I couldn’t stand someone being close to my vagina and seeing me, now I’m a nurse and have seen more vaginas and willies then most people have and it never bothers me but having someone do something intimate to me was beyond mortifying. I have some sexual trauma and get very embarrassed which may be why but I’m not looking forward to having it done again in a few years. I put it off for a year last time and the idea of doing it again makes me want to crawl into a cave and never leave.

  9. They will, they can take a couple of years to fully fade to white though! I have a skin graft from self harm on my arm about the same size as your scar and it took about 1.5- 2 years to fully fade

  10. Parents who post their children online without a single thought of what they may think when they get older. So many parents not respecting their children’s privacy. Plus there are way to many predators out there that have access to kids pictures and videos, makes me mad!

  11. You could try emailing the seller or company that sells them and ask them to send you a copy of the instructions

  12. zdub says:

    Should have started with much smaller pots and only a few seeds in each one, and when there is decent growth you thin it to only one per. You could carefully separate out a few at a time to transplant to new little pots, and then do the thinning when there's a bit more growth. How many plants are you even trying to grow?

  13. zdub says:

    Not sure how much room you have, how many you intend to eat, if you are going to freeze and/or sauce (though cherry tomatoes aren't the best choice for that.) But even one plant may produce way more than enough for one person to eat.

  14. I’ll probably just end up giving most away if they do well :) I honestly thought I would get a few sprouting but not this many!

  15. Sounds like your husband may be guilty of something himself, do not sign or write anything because you’ve not cheated. Your husband needs to get a grip and personally I would make plans to separate, you sound like a caring and compassionate person!

  16. Yes although we had a lot of difficulties maintaining a healthy relationship. From what I’ve been told we had a healthy childhood up until the age of 10 minus the classical boomer parenting of “stop crying or ill give you something to cry about” and occasional spankings but no major or severe abuse. After the age of 10 is a different story and things became really complicated after my parents divorced - mum kicked me out when I was 11 and my dad had no idea how to parent. We were estranged from my mums side of the family and my dads side was incredibly toxic.

  17. Making someone to promise not to self harm is counterintuitive as it is your coping skill. You need to find other, less harmful coping skills to go to when things get rough. You could try rubber bands (although personally I never found that helpful), dipping face into ice cold water when you get the urge, go for a walk, do something crafty…anything to snap you out of that urge.

  18. I don’t go anywhere to carry a purse/bag. The only place I usually go is to the shop to get food or to Work. At work I’m in my car so I just take my bank card and driving licence which I keep in my zipped pocket and then if I’m going shopping I carry my phone which has Apple Pay

  19. I got 0 points on both but never took it to tribunal, I messed up by getting no support from any outside sources like charities. I think I would have been successful if I did but now I really don’t have the energy to go through the process

  20. Please do find the energy because the Ministry of Justice/HMCTS Appeals service is strong.

  21. It’s been well over a year since I could have done it, I think I’ll have to restart the process again

  22. I was a nurse that specialised in learning disabilities, challenging behaviour and mental health. Worked as that for 4 years, 3 of which in a toxic workplace and eventually I burned out and had a breakdown (was also experiencing a lot of outside stress too). I quit and gave up my pin. Had 6 months off work on benefits and then started as a home carer to the elderly for between 6-12 hours a week and have been doing that for the last year.

  23. This is why I think they need to raise the legal age of consent, too many grown ass men think they can sleep with younger girls just because it’s legal. It was actually in place to protect 16-18 year olds having sex with each other not so older men can get with teenagers and it literally tells me they would sleep with someone much younger if the law allowed them.

  24. I’ve lived down south my entire life minus the 2 years I’ve been in Yorkshire now and it’s a completely normal phrase.

  25. Same boat as you I keep going through gps, physio , orthopaedic , spine clinic then start again ! Now I’m going to a neurologist! been 13 years and never had a single scan ! Also uk (south) if that makes a difference, it’s frustrating ( lucky and good for these guys who get their Scans and diagnosis) but so frustrating . Mabe it’s an nhs (money) thing ?! Still not good or fair

  26. Ohh that’s so bad, I’m not going to lie this is the first time I’ve really addressed the pain. When I was younger the episodes were few and far between and by the time I woke up in time to call the drs my pain had gone so I never really went to them however this last year has been quite bad and I can’t afford not to work so have to speak to them.

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