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  1. I should send you some of my flower. Always been curious what it would test at!

  2. How far are you from Dayton? We could always test it somewhere and you can take it home with you

  3. Theres no way it was in there before you opened it then. It would have suffocated unless it was packaged right before.

  4. We’re new to the area and trapped some stink bugs in a larger mason jar. They lasted a longggg time. I’m suspicious too, but I’ve also seen them survive with no fresh air

  5. I suppose next you’re going to tell me Vodka doesn’t actually go bad if you don’t finish the bottle right away?

  6. Hey man it’s really easy to grow some plants at home and you can buy all the stuff online and ship to your house. Watch some YouTube’s on home grow and it’s fun and rewarding consuming your own medicine. Laws for Ohio are lax and max fine is $250, if you get caught, and at the end of the day if a cop sees a disabled guy with two little plants in his house he’s not going to throw you in jail. It’s not worth the time to do the paperwork.

  7. Some of my most powerful experiences on psilocybin mushrooms have been listening to Khruangbin. Especially their earlier tracks. But it’s Conversion with Leon that has had some of the most vitriolic feelings during a trip.

  8. Had some hard things going on in my life. I like to process some of this stuff whilst tripping 🍄, listening to music, stretching with my eyes closed. I’ll see the most sublime structures, allow myself to get upset and think my way through. Works for me!

  9. Here’s a post i made a while back. No issues over here and lots of substitutions

  10. We’re coming to the end of our first full run and the colours and smells out the tent are wonderful. We’ve been really strict on water only as we wanted to answer the ever prevailing question of “can I switch out brand of ingredients”. Without actually consuming any, we’d say, yes you can. And you can do it water only. 3 gal with roots organic and some 1 gals too.

  11. Well everyone seems to be responding the same way. Water only appears to work well with Daz's super soil recipe! Exciting to hear.

  12. No problem on the clarification; when Daz posted his recipe he recommended specific brands and products. however, it’s not always possible to get the exact same bat guano or lime or whatever. We decided to research as close as a replacement as we could and make peace that we may see deficiencies.

  13. How did this soil work for you after substituting certain ingredients?

  14. Yooo! So I had to cull the first run due to moving but it’s worked out perfect this current run. The senescence occurring in the tent is perfect. Stoked on the colours at around day 60. Yet to smoke anything but everything smells amazing.

  15. I would assume that taste would depend on what temp you decarboxylate at. Seeing as lost people don’t have access to an oven that will stay the same heat throughout, its more than likely the terps won’t transfer. If anyone knows any different, please speak on it!

  16. Hey Khrucrew! We are sick and have put ours on AXS resale at $50 each. We’ll make a loss but you get to see Khruangbin! TUSUY SOLD

  17. [Buying] Looking for a single for 12/7 in Cleveland.

  18. I typed my email address wrong, (despite being a member for over a year?!) but I’m not sweating it.

  19. Can you give any additional information on cooking with the spent flower? Is this purely for taste or is there remaining THC in the decarbed flower?

  20. There’s lots of ways of cooking with cannabis. By using AVB there is still some cannabanoids in there. The taste of avb is not enjoyable to me. I also extract into MCT oil so there isn’t much taste regardless

  21. That’s monopolies mate. They don’t have to care about quality or doing it right because many people have no choice and have to buy it

  22. Annyong! I started mine on day 16 and it has been going really smooth. They have been stretching like crazy the last 48 hours.

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