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  1. when you die , you brain releases dmt , feel good feeling to make the whole thing enjoyable. when we nut , the body/brain do the something similar and make ejaculating enjoyable. in french they call ejaculating" la petite mort" ( the little death). Thats not a coincidence. The more you ejaculate , the weaker you get, the more you look frail , sick , weak as if you dealing with some serious health issues. Some of you probably used to look like a cancer patients. Thats also not a coincidence. By making us into horny lil rabbits , they basically got men committing suicide and we all know this world hate men. Anyway i could go on for days.. some will make it but most wont. We have been programmed to commit slow suicide and even if we dont die , we so weak that anything can basically kill us. Thats why as cummer , you start having all kind of health issues , bad digestion , you catch a cold easily. Anything is a threat to you because you soooo weak. Thats reality and can be proven with a google search lmfao

  2. Not only that, but i believe he had a little more than confidence, as soon as he arrives he gives the impression that he's different (to two women nonetheless), can be just confidence, but my guess is the time spent with Feluriana made him more atractive, kinda like her attractive aura (the females get atracted more easely and such).

  3. She was "essentially considered the most beautiful and insatiable woman in the known worlds." and "Kvothe spends most of his time studying the art of lovemaking" From the wiki lol.

  4. Honestly in Stainless Steel I can win any campaign in under 50 turns on vh/vh

  5. I've never had this tbh. Maybe you try to dominate others subconsciously or something

  6. 360 + 12 anyone do it like that? Took me 2 sec

  7. Here's a solution: ref all the games remotely in advanced. If there is a challenge the ref is notified remotely from hq what the correct call is and they call it. If a team wins their challenge they keep it. You'd have to pay a little extra to have the calls ready and officiating problems would be gone

  8. If you play stainless steel they can be more of a problem but the lack of good heavy cav is crippling in medieval 2. That said, if you play as Scotland and can tough it out until gunpowder units are available, you can do infantry squares with pike, gunpowder, and ideally some longbowmen (hopefully you’ve taken some English castles at this point) that are fairly impenetrable.

  9. I'm convinced I can win with any faction recruiting only militia or something it's so easy now :( but still enjoy it a lot. I just won (an easy faction) short campaign in 30 turns

  10. Powerful text and 100% accurate in my experience

  11. "doesn't treat females bad" gets exposed beating up women and verbally berating them for not acting right okay dude, keep defending 🤣 You sound like you're subscribed to his little pyramid scheme but keep preaching Tate being a saint lol.

  12. That video was proven consensual, people who are anti tate are fucking stupid or ignorant because their arguments are never valid

  13. He’s like a more extreme, cynical, antiestablishment, offensive, funny, flashy and edgy version of Jordan Peterson that appeals to the males who are just a couple years younger.

  14. But what's wrong with the movement andrew preached? It only hurts the "people in charge" and helps the rest, the same "people in charge" framing him without evidence, the exact thing he said was going to happen

  15. Introverts dream. A freakin train to yourself?

  16. It’s also crazy bc it’s usually the wrestlers that are good at cutting tons of weight, and you generally can’t cut as much as you get older either and he ain’t exactly young

  17. It was just for the Adesanya fight, he went all out on the biggest fight of his career. If he wants to continue that consistently, well thats on him...

  18. you look more focused and relaxed post 90 days ... also you can see the increased muscle definition

  19. The easiest way to start this journey is to start very small and work your way up (from The Compound Effect) so that you stay with it, that's most important

  20. If you rest between each 3 days I don't think it's a problem. Some shoulder is technically used during chest/triceps and some chest/triceps is technically used during shoulders hence people opt for push/pull/legs instead

  21. He never called himself alpha one time

  22. There are lots of us that are just making excuses and I was one of them and for that he helped me tbf. He has also stated clinical depression is not what he's talking about. More about victimizing self

  23. Honestly can't remember the last time I have, gotta be 10+ years ago

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