1. That sounds kinda awesome…Modern world we live in. Sometimes the world seems like a scene you’d stumble upon in Total Recall

  2. Once someone invents an Android/Cyborg fuck toy, I'll never have to leave my house again. lol

  3. The fake girl from thighs to waist kinda weirds me out…dunno what I’d think about an android. I guess it depends on the realism and how advanced the AI is

  4. Lol I wouldn't want them to have complex emotions. Just to avoid a Skynet uprising. Just give me as close to realistic as possible with its sole desire being to serve and fuck. I wouldn't want it to replace girls by any means, since I wouldn't want a real woman to miss out on the fun either, but let's leave the complex feelings for the human beings.

  5. I dunno, haven't gotten any reviews yet. No complaints, no issues on my own.

  6. Got too distracted last night and didn't have time to (satisfyingly) jack off, since quickies aren't nearly as good.

  7. Confidence in who I am as a person, even if the right people haven't seen that yet from a career standpoint. Hope keeps me going. Just need to jump for the opportunity when it comes.

  8. Yeah it's great when she uses blood magic to summon a demon to cuck me.

  9. Mine. Funerals are so dumb and expensive. Throw me in a dumpster, or wherever I wouldn't be found, then celebrate the memory of me if you want by doing something I liked doing. I'd be too dead to notice how you react anyway.

  10. Former coworker wasn't shy about it. Had one of those linktree things on her Instagram that linked to it. The thrill of it the night when I found out was great, but it wore off pretty quickly since I wasn't into her like that. Great ass though. Wasn't weird at all working with someone I watched fuck the night before, just carried on working while appreciating there being a giving person in out midst.

  11. Grocery store radio music. There's some bangers on there that would work for sure, but I don't want to listen to Michael McDonald gobble while I'm trying to fuck.

  12. If I had no choice, it's whatever. I'd rather have the extra protection though.

  13. I hope this brings Clint back for another speedrunning showdown.

  14. This one, surprised, but not mortified. Not into anything weird, plenty of vanilla sex and women showing off their bodies. Just as one would expect from an adult straight male.

  15. I'm wide open about it...but won't bring it up unless it is appropriate for the conversation. Rarely is.

  16. Jacking off to a Gay Cock Hero (a porn rhythm video game where you have to beat off to beat patterns) with my left middle finger up my butt. This always confuses people, but I'm not gay or even bi, I just love dicks. Love seeing guy's asses get fucked good by them because I know how that feels. Blow jobs by guys? A turn off. Guys trying to show off their bodies? A bigger turn off. I still very much prefer women for that after a lot of experimenting. Lol Cock Hero Braid taught myself a lot about my sexuality and why I keep coming back to gay porn every now and then even though I'm not attracted to guys at all.

  17. The first time I decided to jack off with a finger up the butt. Pulled an ab muscle while getting adjusted, which I was susceptible to after working pretty hard that day. Felt too good to stop, so I stretched my abs out until it stopped hurting and finished wonderfully. lol Ab muscle was sore all day the next day, but only for that long.

  18. Tbh, it takes Instagram reminding me that she exists. When IG recommends her as someone to follow, I check to see if she got any less boring (she settled down a lot and got married), and also to see if she posted any new pics that show her tits well. It's better when it's someone you know, after all. She never does, but she's more of a winner at life than I am anyway for now since she's married while I jack off every other day. lol Instagram keeps recommending her to me since she's still in my contacts even though we haven't talked in like a decade.

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